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What is your take on the Holy Blood and Holy Grail?

In recent years a certain predicament has evolved....

Is Jesus Christ really a savior or was he just some sort of royalty

Is Mary Magdalene His wife

Did they have a child

Is there Holy blood walking on the earth today

Tell me your opinion

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    If you take only the words, most agree that Jesus might have said, He said "I am One with the Father, He is in Me and I am in Him." He is saying that He is ONE with God. So He is either One with God or He is a liar! If you believe He is GOD none of that other stuff matters.

    Since God created the blood coursing through your veins, you have Holy blood.

    Jesus gave you only 2 commandments Love God and love your neighbor as you Love Yourself. The rest He left to "What you bind on Earth is bound in Heaven. What you loose on Earth is loosed in Heaven." You are judged ONLY by what YOU BELIEVE. The rest of the Bible is Church Stuff.

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    No predicament -- Jesus Christ really was our Savior. I don't see a loving Father in Heaven denying his Only Begotten Son the opportunity to have a wife and family during his lifetime -- why would he diminish the joy His Son could have during his mortal mission? And certainly, there could have been children from such a marriage.

    None of this take away from the Atonement or the sacrifice our Savior made for the remission of our sins. There is only One who could perform that task -- it was Jesus Christ.

    Could there still be His descendants alive today? Certainly. So what? They are not our Savior, they could not perform the Atonement. They would be ordinary people.

    Their geneology line would be interesting, certainly. [And if you go with the LDS view of eternal families, I think the link of having an great-grandfather x-times removed who was the Savior of this world would be neat]. But I am also content with my own family and the heros I find there - my father is a spiritual giant. Further back, I have ancestors who were noble men [& women] and accomplished much during their tenure here on Earth. Personally, I'm very American - I'm no respecter of persons based upon a bloodline. Respect comes from their character and accomplishments.

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    Much of the book is based on the documents of the Priory of Sion. These documents have been proven to be fake. In 1953 a con-man named Plantard placed numerous fake documents in the French National Archives, including those dealing with the Priory of Sion and the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery. Since the documents the book is based on are a hoax, the premise of the entire book falls apart.

    I found it to be interesting reading, as fiction. Better than The Da Vinci Code. Despite the court ruling, Dan Brown obviously stole a lot of stuff from Holy Blood, Holy Grail.


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    Holy Blood and Holy Grail are as fictional as believing that Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, died for his beliefs and had multiple wives.

    Stuff like that simply doesn't happen in America or anywhere else.

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    It makes for a very interesting read, but the truth is that Jesus never actually existed, and therefore could not have fathered the Merovingian bloodline.

    Furthermore, the backbone of their evidence, the Priory of Sion, can be traced back to a notorious con-man and huckster. That alone doesn't conclusively prove that it's a forgery, but the odds bet on it.

    edit: did I get those thumbs-down for stating that Jesus doesn't exist or for not believing in the Holy Blood Holy Grail theory?

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    The book had a lot more credibility before the authors decided to sue a fiction writer for stealing their idea. If it was history, then the idea should have been fair game for writers of fiction. If, however, it was just a great story, then Dan Brown plagarized it.

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    You bet'cha bottom George dollar there is a Holy Blood Line from the Author of the greatest Kingdom ever. It is only a matter of time before we children find out just how special we are.

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    No. Mary Magdeline was not Jesus wife...they did not have a child....the only Holy Blood is that which Christ shed on the cross. Christ is the Son of God...and the Highest of all Royalty...

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    Fan of the DaVinci code I see. Like the bible, It is only a book. Try not looking for answers in works of fiction and give science some consideration.

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    What is this, DaVinci Revival? You know its funny though, with the Golden Compass coming out and ppl freaking out it kinda reminded me of the DaVinci Code and how everyone believed this guys fiction story.....some people

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