Does anyone have any constructive suggestions for a Christmas letter?

I too usually HATE, DETEST, AND ABHOR the 'annual' christmas letters recieved in the mail. However, this year I have an extraordinary story to tell. I met my husband online, we chatted for a year, met in person last Feb. and got married in October and I will be immigrating to Sweden next year. Now, if you do not have the background, I sound like a nut, yet I want people to have my new address, see a few pics, and know about the event. To write individual letters would take WAY to much time. I work about 60 hours a week and just can't do it. Any suggestions for making it cute and not tacky?

Jennifer in SA

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    I'm usually not that bothered with them because I like knowing what is going on with people. It's only annoying when everything is so grand and it's over the top. (not real) I think maybe doing a brief letter on Christmasy stationery would be nice. Keep it to less than a page. Try not to brag or do so sparingly. It's ok to be excited and happy. :) I think it's ok to say I'm really excited about this opportunity. Please keep in touch. Please let me know your news. Quite often, it seems the people that send these letters couldn't care less about anyone else but themselves. That's the impression I sometimes get.

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    Try checking a dollar store for Christmas themed computer paper. Type up the letter once and print as many as you need. You can say "This has been an exciting year" tell how you met in person after chatting for a yr. Things went great and you married in Oct. Say I will be moving to Sweden. Give your new address and throw in some pics. Try adding captions to the pics f/your comp.-saves you the time of writing what they are about. Check for a program that includes pics in your letter.

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    Why don't you set up a website/my space account with the story and pictures. Then you can just give the web address on the cards.

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