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Why would someone steal my brother's beagle in Vancouver, WA?

He was stolen from yard 11/18/07. His collar was found unbuckled nearby. He has put out flyers, advertised large reward, had TV coverage from 4 stations, and the front page of Portland, OR newspaper. He has tons of volunteers, church groups &children (beagle was mascot at his store). If we could find out why someone would steal him, we could appeal to them. He's watching dog shelters, dog rescue groups, consulting K9 search and rescue people, and animal communicators. Nothing after 10 days.

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    Was he neutered? Could be used for breeding, for a pet for someone else, etc. If someone was heartless enough to steal the poor thing, you probably aren't going to "appeal" to them.

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    Sorry for your loss, I live in Washington too , in Grays Harbor on the coast . I hate to tell you this but allot of dogs get stolen and sold in this state and it has allot to do with the methamphetamine problem in this state . Drug users steal dogs and sell them to support their habit . My friend lost a purebred Dalmatian and later found out it was taken to Seattle and sold to a drug dealer. I hope this is not the case with your brothers beagle, would be a shame to see it in the wrong hands. I hope that with any luck you will find your brothers dog. There are a few beagle rescues in wash state you might want to get on line and see if any of them have ended up with the dog good luck on finding

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    I remember reading about your brothers dog in the Columbian. I hope he had a micro chip implant so if he did get picked up he could be returned to you fast and not adopted out. If the dog was sold to another the very first time they took him into a vet as many vets do scans with first timers into the office they would see the chip and the dog would be returned. Who knows why people feel the unethical need to steal from others they just do not caring who they hurt. :-(

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    That is really sad. If he was stolen, instead of having escaped, then there's a smaller chance of him coming back... Whoever stole his beagle probably has no intention of returning it. I don't know why people steal dogs, it could be for dog-fighting, breeding (if he wasn't neutered)...beagles are also very commonly used for laboratory experimentation because of their docile nature.

    I'm really sorry. Send him all of my regards.

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    Awww how sad! There are just some heartless people in the world that think anything they see or want is okay to take. I am sorry for your loss and hope things work out..please keep us posted. BOL!

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