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Why am i always sick? Im 16 years old.. Help! x?

Hello, I am always sick, whereas normal people usually get sick every 5 months i get sick atleast every 2 weeks, either by being sick, having really bad tummy aches, pains in my sides, or a sore throat. its getting a pain now and my doctors a friggin idiot! any suggestions anybody ?

aimee x

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    Sounds like symptoms of a dairy allergy...and not lactose intollerance. Doctors will never admit to this, but try eliminating dairy from your diet... it should totally help. I had your problem for 15 years. Dairy is very mucous-forming, and really isn't meant for human consumption (think about it, we are the only species that drinks another species milk!) ... you can get your calcium sources elsewhere. Being sick like that is PURE misery!!!!! It's worth giving it a shot!

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    The first step is to perform immaculate hand hygeine. Wash your hands frequently, especially at school! You pick up germs everywhere, doors, desks, hand rails, water fountain, bathrooms, lockers. You have no idea who might have been sick, sneezed in their hand and then touched something that you then stick your hand in and pick up their germs. Then you go to lunch, you're eating a sandwhich and the germs are on the bread that you then put in your mouth and *voila!* you're infected. This is the time of year that people get all kinds of colds, viruses and flu symptoms. Keep a small bottle of waterless hand cleaner (like Germ-x or antibacterial gel from Bath and Body works).

    Increase your intake of Vitamin c - drink more orange juice! Take in more Zinc and Echinacea. Halls makes a cherry flavored drop that has Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea in it.

    IF it still doesn't get better with the above, then get yourself to a doctor and be tested for an immune deficiency. Good luck!

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    It could be due to a poor diet, or ypu might just have a weak immune system.

    See a different doctor if your is no good.

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    Thanks to some unwise choices my mother made when pregnant with me, I have a weak immune system. There are other causes though, such as poor diet/lack of proper nutrition. I would find a different doctor.

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    i think it might be that your diet is unhealthy or it doesn't have all the vitamins/ minerals your need. maybe you should go to a doctor and have a blood test done you may be low in iron

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