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Can a conventional 4 stroke motor( I.E. a Harley V-twin) be converted to run on hydrogen?

Say by altering compression ratios, method of fuel delivery and ignition?

Or does it require a completely different type of motor design intended for hydrogen use.

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    Yes, compression ratio shouldn't have to be changed, fuel delivery system for gaseous fuels is required, and the ignition if brought back closer to TDC will improve the efficiency of the engine. You will want to remove carbon deposits, use colder plugs, and it shouldn't be the cost of an electric conversion. Do you have a fuel supply?

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    Also, the current hydrogen fuel cell powered cars are creating electricity and then powering the vehicle using an electric motor.

    I've been very impressed at the mileage that harley v-twin engines get. Much better than the 4 cyl sport bikes.

    My sportster got about 55 mpg.

    My Evo Softail got about 52 mpg

    My v-rod is the gas hog, and only gets about 42 mpg

    but- I figure that if I commute on the bike, I'm both saving a lot of fuel, relative to any car short of a Prius, AND having fun.

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    Sure. Lots of modern engines run on CNG, and hydrogen is similar enough to CNG that the same equipment should work.

    Although... running a piston engine on hydrogen is kinda like using solar panels to run a electric heater. Not what you'd call 'efficient'.

    If you want efficient, convert the Harley to electric. Batteries store electrons better than tanks store hydrogen, and it's a lot easier to find an electron filling station ie. an electric outlet :)

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    It's simpler than that. They've been doing that since the 1970's. You just feed hydrogen into the carb using a conventional gas regulator. The only problem is as it has always been. How do you store enough fuel safely to get anywhere? Thirty years ago they were experimenting with metal hydrides. Not sure where the emphasis is today.

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    With enough money, anything can be done.

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