Why do I feel so empty?

I have lived most of my life pursuing my educational or career goals. I have acheived most of them and I'm considered very successful by those standards.

Nevertheless, I have not made many friends and never had many long relationships. My relationship with my family also is very business-like and I just can't seem to let go.

My social skills seem to be lacking outside of the work environment. I don't understand other's sense of humour - I think it is cheesy.

How do I improve myself? I have ready some self help books and they all seem very unrealistic. I do want to contribute to the world in more ways that my job.

I have to add that I am 31, agonstic and very "left-brained".

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    1 decade ago
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    youre trying too hard in your work, you need to take time and develope social relationships.

  • why don't you volunteer some of your time? it's the holidays, and a great time to start. they have programs such as Project READ, you can volunteer for sporting events, or even become a mentor.

    i also agree with the person that said you need to find Jesus. develop a relationship with Him.

  • Find Jesus..I am DEAD serious..if you do i assue you it will be the best accomplishment you will ever make..you cannot feel empty with Christ in your life! Try any Christian denomination...but going to church is the first step. God is real please don't let the Satan trick you into thinking he's not!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Cheesy in what ways? I say lighten up!!! Life is too short to be so serious!!

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