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what does love meanss!!!!?

if i tell this guy that i love him........and that guy says no what should i do???????

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    love is losing your mind for him

    love is wait for him

    love is happiness

    love is looking into his eyes

    love is a dream

    don t confuse love with ego

    if he refuses it is good cause you do n t loose time!

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    Does anyone really know what love really means? Now what is the guy saying no to? Who cares if he rejects you...many fish in the sea!!

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    Guys are prone to shy away from showing emotions or feelings. Don't pressure him on this.

    Love will grow if it was meant to be. Develop a strong friendship and enjoy it.

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    rest for a while and wait for your Mr. Everything to appear, but you have to be still and want Him with a sincere gesture of hope and goodwill toward yourself and others. Thats' if that guy you so desperately wish for, gives you two thumbs down.

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    If you are super nervous about it, maybe it is because you haven't gotten super straight feelings from this guy. I'd wait for him to say it to you. Just to be safe. Guys can scare easily.

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    Love is an emotional feeling you feel that is sometimes hard to explain. You sometimes feel enthused and jealous and always want to be around the person that you so care for affectionately and passionately.

  • If you doubt the response you get will be positive, DON'T SAY IT! You'll probably just get hurt. Why don't you just wait awhile and see how things develop?

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    just try to accept it.

    it's good to tell him because he should know how you feel.

    but if he doesn't say it back then don't take it too personally.

    some people just don't know what love is.

    he might really like you but just isn't sure if he loves you.

    so if he doesn't say it back don't be too hard on yourself.

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    find out the weakness of that guy and fulfill it first, then repeat what u want to say.

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    dump his *** with the quickness sike i mean y would he say no

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