I want to give my girl a PSP slim and lite for christmas? You think its a good idea?

I already gave her jewelry, clothes, etc for christmas. This year i'm thinking on giving her a PSP so she can view pictures, movies, browse internet and play games. She likes playing video games and I will decorate the PSP with a girly skin so it can look girly. I think it will be great because she is going to a out of town school next year and when she is bored she can use the PSP to play games and view pictures of me so she can get excited!

So girls will you use ur PSP if someone gives u a PSP for long time or a short time or none at all? or guys would u give a girl a PSP?

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    In your case, she should love it!

    But personally, I would get a girl a DS. They are more interactive and entertaining for girls, becasue most girls are not avid gamers like the majority of guys. There are rare occasions, like the girl you have, where a PSP would fit better.

    I'd say go for it, and search around for a girly skin. I've included a great site to search on and hope you find one that suits her!

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    they have pink skins for the psp and all them gem things that will make it pretty but I would suggest that you look into gettin her the fat PSP because then you can get her some free games that she likes and let he watch movies that you put on there and much more

  • 1 decade ago

    It sounds like she will use it a lot so it will be worth it. No point if it just sits in the drawer gathering dust.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. I think that's a great gift. I'm sure that she will love it.

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