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2 Year old nephew is out of control?

My brother in law and his 2 year old son live with my in laws. My husband and I live 2 hours away and go to visit once a month and stay usually for 2 days. We now have a 10month old daughter we take with us. The 2 year old tries to hit, kick, throw things at my daughter and he does NOT get disciplined. The grandparents don't discipline him because they want to be exactly that grandparents but the dad is always working or out running around and doesn't do it either. My husband and I don't feel like it should be us having to do it since it's not our son, plus we're afraid it might cause a fight but I am really worried he might hurt her. My husband talked to his dad, my in law, and his response was that "feel free to discipline him" but we don't feel like we should have to. We hate to not go visit anymore because they are our parents, but... Any suggestions?

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    Dont let a 2 yr old run you away. Let him run from you. Dont stop visiting your parents because of that. Give him time out...make him sit in the corner and dont move for about 20 mins at a time and suggest that to your parents. After a while he would get the picture.Make sure you stress to him why he have to sit there again and again. The next time he would think twice.

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    I think he is acting out for lack of dicipline. U have to think about the fact that he could hurt ur daughter and if the grandparents arnt going to diciplin him them someone needs to, I think that if he did hit ur child as her parent u have the right to diciplin the 2 year old I'm not sayin beat him but maybe stand him in the corner for two minutes, isolate him for everyone until he calms down, or even smack his hand if he hits. I have a 3 year old son and we have had to do those things with him cause hes just honry. He's gonna push as far as he can cause he knows theres no consequences.

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    As you said, the blame lays with you. You have to be right there every minute supervising any type of interaction between dog and child. Kids, without meaning to, can hurt a dog, or grab for food bowls, etc. And, other than your nephew, Lucy has no interaction with children. When Graydon is playing, Lucy is outside - at least until Graydon is older and has a better understanding of how to treat the dog. Or, you keep your eyes on the both of them every minute they are together. You can not step away to do dishes, or anything else.

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    Your husband needs to speak to his brother and parents. Children need limits. If the grandparents will not discipline him, then he needs to be living with someone else. It's really going to hurt the boy in the long run.

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    I think that you and your mate should sit down and talk to all of the adults that take care of him. let them know how you guys feel about him being out of control. See what they have to say and go from there. if they don't do anything about his behavior, then when he acts up, tear his little *** up. Let him know that you guys won't tolerate the way he acts.

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    talk to your in law more about it and say how you feel.

    he should probably not only be disiplined but also be showed how to treat your daughter, he might not know that what he is doing is wrong.

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