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Company Holiday Party Game ideas?

I am in charge of coming up with a game to play at our Company Holiday (gotta be politically correct!) Party. It is at night and there will be about 40-50 people, though I'm sure a lot less will participate. Any ideas of something fun, simple and even the scrooges of the company would participate in?

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    i played this really fun game called "who am i?"

    you need:

    a index card to match # of people at party




    Put a noun on the back of each card. Each person getting a card taped to their back and they must guess what they are with only asking yes or no questions. (make the nouns you choose to go with a theme like 80's, and make them funny)


    Have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. must only ask each person one question each...otherwise people aren't minggling they are only asking their friends over and over again. first person to guess correctly what they are wins and so on.

    Its alot of fun and it gets everyone playing the game and talking... you be the judge and make sure people are cheating... make the presnets go with your theme and let them be a surprise...that way they get to choose prize 1, 2, or 3....have fun and i hope i helped!!!

    have fun at the party!!!

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    Barnyard Friends

    Guests/Participants are blindfolded (ask for volunteers since many won't want to "mess up" their eyes or hair. Before blindfolding everyone, divide them into groups - assign a barnyard animal (ie. cow, sheep, duck, etc.) to each group then ask group members to scatter. Put on blindfolds then tell them to start making their animals 'sound' (ie. moo, bahhh, quack,etc) Everyone listens for other barnyard friends of the same type. The first group to find each member wins. It is noisey, silly and lots of laughs.

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    fruit basket upset you pick 3 fruit names or 4 is its a big group and then everyone but one person gets a chair the person standing up says 2 fruits and those 2 fruits + the one person already standing have to get up and run to another seat before someone else gets it there should always be one person standing and the person standing can also say fruit basket upset then everyone has to change there seat! good luck btw

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