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'you don't have to be a man to be a hero' is that a possible theme?

is it a possible theme?

i'm trying to come up for one about this novel where this dog dies but he was a hero and this kid stands up against this war... xD


yes...this is for school haha. but i'm just double checking.

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    of course not we have girl power ya dig????????

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    I just read an essay by a feminist thinker on this very thing. She concluded that "heroism" in most peoples' minds is a list of masculine qualities, meanwhile the word "heroine" conjurs up images of a woman in distress. She argued that we should include some feminine qualities in our pantheon of hero qualities, such as nurturing or negotiation skills. Also important, she points out that men can posses these "feminine" skills and that it does not make them less of a man, but more of a well-rounded individual.

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    Yeah, sounds like a possible theme. School work?

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    Heroism outside of humanity

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    yeah, that could be the theme of a paper or your book. not sure it could be a party theme though.

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    nope girls are just as heroic as boys only we look better! lol!

    yeah sounds like good idea!

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    Sure! It's very good!

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