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Is McDonald's a part of YOUR LifeStyle...TOO?, fries, shakes and burgers...


Rev. Ron: I think its because of the hot

water wash...:D

Pai: I attest to the coffee, 24/7. but, to

imitate my lifestyle? thanks for the laugh.

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    Just cant eat it everyday....

  • pai
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    1 decade ago

    It is not MY lifestyle though I like McDonald's.They are not yet the best (probabably will never be). One day when I asked for ketchup, they even refused so I had to munch only a part of what they served....

    Do u still feel others TOO should imitate ur lifestyle?

  • 1 decade ago

    Since I got pregnant, unfortunately so. Their French Fries, Big Mac and a milkshake. Thank God I only have two months to go. Generally, McDonald's churns my stomach at the thought of it.

  • 1 decade ago

    As a lifestyle NO! but every now and then, like twice a month yeah, that stuff is too unhealthy to eat on a daily basis.

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  • NO WY JUST READ THIS N THN THINK AGAIN..........MERCHANDISE TOYS r so bad that i wud not gift that to beggars bcoz i fear ke even dey wud throw dat..

    A small unbranded piece of bread, 23 gms of panner and vegetable worth 2 Rs and 63 paisa...(They process this ya this n sell it for 63 bucks...)

    If u sit 4 five minutes n don't order dan employees

    wud roam around u as if u r SUPERSTAR..

    If u romance with any girl dan d employee wud STARE at u as if u having SEX with her Daughter..

    Even if some challenges me to jump from 10th floor or to EAT THE SAME BURGER IN MC than also i wud accept d 1st Option..

    Deir AC works like roads in AHMEDABAD (always need a TREATMENT)

    The world's WORST BISCUITS TIGER is also available in 12 variants but mc donalds doesnt have any variety to their PRODUCT......"Sweating is Regreted"...Well this should be their Tag line bcoz u could actually sweat more dan total amo. Of water dey have..

    Sanitary problems can't be solved bcoz of no bathrooms but don't get furious bcoz getting a tissue is like a BONUS over there..

    Bills r ready as u ORDER n food wud be ready as u get FURIOUS on them...

    All in all an restaurant whose ambience is like a Goverment's Pay n use toilets.........

    (are wait wait wait even dat wud also solve our sanitary problems so d ambience is like an unreserved bogey in Indian Railways)..........

  • K Girl
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    1 decade ago

    That dollar menu is dangerous! I can't go more than a couple weeks without something from there. At least twice a week if I'm not watching what I eat.

    Stop hatin' on Micky D's y'all!

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    If it becomes a part of your lifestyle(like every day) you will become fat and unhealthy.

    I eat fast food every so often and that is ok.

    Just try not to make it an everyday thing.

    You would be shocked to know how many calories are in McDonald's food.

    Maybe you should check it out just to see how many calories you are eating

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I eat there from time to time and drink their coffee, but not often enough to call it part of my lifestyle.

  • 1 decade ago

    only on thursday 2 big macs for 2 bucks lol

  • 1 decade ago

    Here and there I get a craving for food from there, but not too often, and the kids are outgrowing it!

  • 1 decade ago

    "only on thursday 2 big macs for 2 bucks lol"- thank you honda boy

    I was like damn it is Thursday! I wonder if my Mc D does that?

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