Keyboard/Motherboard problem ?

I took my laptop to a repair shop because I spilled some fluid on the keyboard. Everything in the system is working completely fine, everything has been cleaned out. However, my keyboard still is typing the bottom two lines together, such as xs, cd, vf, gb, etc. The people replaced the keyboard and then they told me that because that didn't work, I probably damaged the motherboard and would need to purchase a new one. Because it's new.. that runs about 500+ dollars, according to them and research.

My question is simply... do you agree that it would be a motherboard problem if my computer is still functioning properly with the defect of the keyboard? [I have a separate keyboard attatched through the usb port, and its doing the job for now].


well, according to the people they did order a new keyboard and TRY it to see if it would fix the problem, but when it didn't work, they just reinstalled my old one.

I thought it was interesting, too, that a 'motherboard' could have a slight dysfunction--- i thought all the programs would be messed up, instead of a keyboard glitch. It's hard to be just a user of a computer arguing with people who fix them 24/7.

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    Certainly sounds weird. If liquid got onto the motherboard it's more likely to just frizzle and die than have a very specific problem, like one row of keys also typing the keys beneath them. AND it works fine with an external keyboard.

    I'd say the laptop's keyboard, or it's connection is kaput and needs replacing. Since you've said they already replaced it, I'd be wondering if they really did. Does it look brand new? Any marks on it where your fingers go from months of typing?

    Also, I've never ever, ever heard of a motherboard costing $500. I'm guessing that's the cost of the motherboard (~$100) plus their labour.

    I'd take it somewhere else. They sound like rip off merchants.

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