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Green spots on carpet under black light....?

Okay, so I live in military housing and have to clear. They are sticklers with the blacklight on carpet. I have a lot of spots that show up as flourescent green and they can't all be urine. My house would stink. I found a product online called UrineOut on It claims to get rid of all spots that show up with a blacklight. Has anyone ever used it? Were the spots gone when checking with a blacklight later? I need help fast.... Or, does anyone know exactly how to make these spots go away??????? HELP!

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    Any kind of detergents will show up under a black light also. It's probably impossible to remove them all, the more things you try the more it's going to glow.:)

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    you should yet I doubt it. I had some stains to get rid of and that i used a Euro professional steam cleanser to do it which labored great and my black gentle did not discover something after. So i think of that a professional cleansing might do a good extra beneficial job. once you're nonetheless smelling urine then that is in all likelihood with the aid of fact it saturated the pad lots that it ought to would desire to get replaced.

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