Why are there no cheat codes for Madden NFL 08 for Gamecube???

Nintendo made the game, now why aren't there any cheat codes?? ( I don't have a wii and I don't want one. )

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1) its not a nintendo made game, it is made by EA sports.

    2) the gamecube is old outdated hardware. 2007 will see an end to gamecube games being made.

    3) they dont waste alot of time porting new games for new consoles to old outdated hardware. so adding in extra features isnt going to happen, cause they wont sell enough for the gamecube to warrant the time spent.

    4) the size of the gamecube disc limites the amount of data that can be put on a disc. football games have alot of data.

    5) Play the game without cheating, the way its meant to be played.

    6) if its too hard, try changing the in game settings.

    7) I recommend upgrading to a wii or a 360. If your looking for a cheaper way, the ps2 is still outselling the ps3 on games and consoles. Wii's are in short supply, Id recommend getting a 360.

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    Madden: i've got heard hypothesis that Chad Johnson would be on the conceal, and that i've got heard Reggie Bush. i've got even heard Ed Reed or Brian Urlacher ought to sunrise the conceal of Madden. by way of technique of removal i will do away with Bush (no back 2 back RB's) and Reed (already a Raven). i will additionally do away with Urlacher (already had LB). So Ocho Cinco is on the conceal simply by fact they're simply by have a WR on it plus i've got heard that is going to likely be the 365 days of the WR. i do no longer understand what which potential, according to threat new direction working wisdom, be the reciever mode, or new catches. All i understand is a clean create a play is important. NHL: Sid the toddler or Brody. Duh.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ye i know its really dumb but i geuss they made it with no cheats coz they couldn't be bothered and thats what most of them do you know 0_o lol

    Hope i Helped

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  • mark f
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    1 decade ago

    coz its **** thats why

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