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Left and Right Extremes?

Question for both sides. Are those who fall into the category of extreme left or right capable of formulating their own thoughts and opinions? Its like watching a herd of cattle, they just follow. Moderates, on the other hand, seem capable of looking at both sides and liking a bit of each and disagreeing with a bit of each. I am not trying to slam anyone here, just curious and seeking opinions.

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    If not for the existence of left and right ideologies and those who help formulate their respective platforms, how would moderates know where to draw the "middle road"?

    Consider extreme left and right thinking as two parallel mountain ranges. Pragmatic partisans and moderates alike seek the path of least resistance away from the peaks in the valley between the ranges.

    If not for "mountains", we would have a plain, correct? How do the moderates decide where to put their road on a plain? If moderates have no sides to look at, where will they find opinions to agree or disagree with?

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    Ah but whats the truth here. The extreme is making things up and the moderates follow, or does moderation make things up and the extreme just follow suit.

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    I am generaly very conservative, but sometimes the left comes out with an idea that I concider conservative and I like that. Such as alternative energy research. I think we need to drill for all the oil we can get now to be less dependent on the OPEC nations, But I think we need to put out the EXISTING technology to get 3x to 4x the fuel economy that we get today. It can be done and it can be done now. See? I can sound pretty liberal when they're right. Yes, I said it... Sometimes liberals actually have some good ideas that are conservative in my view. (Just don't tell them)

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    Why is it when someone believes all of the conservative or Liberal points they are considered sheep yet those who pick some of one and some of the other are not?

    The points they are all agreeing with are the same. Some people are more consistent than others.

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    Differently need more Moderates!!!!!

  • most of the extreme are made up of people who have no idea what the facts are and just spout what they think they hear on some biased news source.

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