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How do I change my e-mail address name? I don't want to recieve ads.?

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    By terminating this account, u will lose your Yahoo ID, Mail address, and Profile names. It also delete ur account data and settings across the Yahoo! network

    Source(s): then go back in and open a new one
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    Make a new email and let all the people you trust know it's your new e-mail address. You can also just go to account settings and change the user name I think. You can really stop the spam problem by sending all of the spam e-mails to the spam folder. Then yahoo(or whatever other e-mail provider you use) will block e-mails that have the same content or emails from the same source.

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    1 decade ago

    New to email? I'm afraid it doesn't matter what your address name is... you will ALWAYS get spam & bmulk mail/ads. If in the Bulk Mail folder, don't worry about it as Yahoo empties that and the Trash folders periodically for you. As for your Inbox... it's easier to just whip through them clicking the little boxes and then hitting "Delete". Designating as spam so that the addresses get blocked is of little help, as there's a never-ending supply of junk mail.. and a limit to the blocked addresses list. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Junk mail is a way of life in the internet.

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    You can open a new email address account and ONLY use it for email.

    If you use it for just that the ads should be minimal but once you start cruising the Internet using the new one, you can expect the bots to get your address and the junk mail will start coming again.

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