Looking for LDS song called "Forgiven" - HELP!!!?

I need to find a song called "Forgiven," or at least find who wrote it. It's an unpublished song...I have a copy, but am missing the first page (which explains why I don't know who the composer is). This song is gorgeous!! It's written for solo voice and piano, and some of the lyrics are:

"Oh Savior, Lord, I know You're there

You paid for what I'm feeling.

Savior, Lord, help me to know

I'm Forgiven."

PLEASE...if you know this song or have any information I would be so grateful. I have googled and searched every LDS music site out there... nothing. I need your help!!! Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'll look in my music tonight and get back to you tomorrow. It seems I have something with either the word forgiven in the title or that is the title. I remember getting a lot of my LDS music from www.ldsmusicworld.com, but I guess you've tried there.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Have you tried contacting the folks at Deseret books? They may have it in stock. Usually they are very helpful if you call or send an email; other than that try someone in your local LDS ward

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