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Opinions on garment steamers?

I am looking to buy a garment steamer and have found mixed reviews for each one I have looked at. Does anyone have an opinion as to which brands create the best results? I am not as worried about price as I am about satisfactory results, ease of use and durability. So far, I have been researching Jiffy, Homedics, Rowenta and Conair. Each of these brands seem to have similar features - any opinions on these brands or any others I may have missed? Thanks!!


I am planning on using it on clothes with the hopes of eliminating ironing. Business shirts and slacks - those sorts of things.

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    What are you planning on using it for/on? Clothes, drapes/curtains, etc.? Also, if clothes, are you looking for something to take the place of using an iron, or, just for stuff like suits and other special stuff like that? Different models are better for different things.

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