Through the "plastic surgery" - is penis plantation possible?

such as Lexington Steele or Mr. 35 centimeter for a ludicrous example


I know that dumb star has frequently faked everyone who watches his flicks.

Update 2:

no most people have just heard that his is a fake

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    1 decade ago
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    The only type of penis enlargement surgery doesn't require plantation, it basically lengthens some of the penile tissue by cutting away some fascia and ligaments that restrict the penis from fulling lengthening.

    This surgery also has problems because people frequently suffer from nerve damage with leaves them with patches on their penis's that can't feel anything.

    I would stay away from it, and for the record I recon the bloke has a fake one....

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    You wish to start a penis plantation? Hm, I never heard of that! These penises would grow where?

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