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Ok i posted this yesterday and let me makes some things clear here. (1).Im not looking for a wife,or an internet wife in this matter im just trying to see what the ladies would say yes or no (2).Ladies just think if you were around my age around 20-22 i am 21 years old.(3)I am not boring i love to play ps2,lots of basketball,computer games,watch movies etc (4)I wouldnt be out of the house all the time..actually my office would be at home and we would travel the world to my meetings and stuff and have the question is ladies would you marry someone like me(again think your around my age)? very very unique...unique because im 21years old,ive never smoked,drinked,never had a girlfriend,never been on a date,never kissed a female(or a male lol),never hugged a female,never held hands walked a park or anything,and most important,im still a virgin....thats why im unique and also when we get married i would like for it to be a sexless but very very touchy marriage...


touchy i mean as you know theres alot of touching,kissing,hugging..and i forgot to very very very shy,and i LOVE to travel the world you know all the diffrent cities in europe,snowy mountain areas,africa,australia,and also financial problems would not be an issue...since im about to be a Vice president of a huge corporation in a few months which would mean youll enjoy the 100's of millions i would make every year...the reason why i want it to be sexless..make long story short..when i was 11-13years old i was at a boarding school and the teacher there sexually used me twice and i was so young i didnt know what he was doing to me and he did it twice when i was there like i was there for 2years and like the last year he butt f**ed me a month apart and also when we would all take a afternoon nap there was like 22 kids at this borading school,he would wait till everyone goes to sleep and then come and like kiss my cheek

Update 2:

it wasnt even a kiss it was more like chewing and slobering and i was so weak and skinny it was hard to push him off..even right now im skinny im 5-10 and only like 140-150pounds but thats because i play alot of basketball,but anyways i didnt know anything about sex until i went to public school after i got out of boarding school so when i was 16years old i had my first ejaculation and when i felt this stickiness,then it hit me what happened to me when i was 11-13years old,i was raped,i was so schocked,confused,scared i didnt know what to do and i lye there crying queitly all night long,even now im in watery eyes but ive cried enough about this,i havent even told my parents or any authoriteis because 1st of all i left there when i ws 13 and i found out when i was 16 but thats not even the point in my heart i just tell me self i will let The Creator take care of him and hopefully bless me in my life for not opening the sin to the public of what he i forgive him?

Update 3:

What will happen if i dont so i guess i forgive him but again i will leave that to The Creator..and so now if i got married and you know if me and my beautiful wife would have sex,those horrible scenes would always pop up in my mind,and his f***n face would be in my headinstead of my wifes,i mean thats not the only reason why i dont wann ahave sex but thats a huge contributor to my descion why i want a sexless ladies would you marry a male like me?

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    I said this yesterday and it still holds true. I call BS. Get some freakin' help dude and get over yourself. Sure you were dealt a cruddy hand. Play the hand, throw it in and ante up for the next one...cuz only you can make your hand a winner. A sexless marriage. Hell, I will dress up and be your baby. GET REAL!

    In another plane, why the heck are you asking this so much. Aren't you getting the answer you are looking for. Man, face facts, you need to get help and get over it. That is what EVERYONE else with it.

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    Ok first I don't think what you do for a living, or what you have been through can qualify you for marriage. If I knew you ,we developed a relationship and grew together emotionally then there is a start. You sound wonderfully caring. I don't think sex is the end all be all. I do think you need to be honest with who ever you are with. Since you have NEVER had physical contact with a female I think you are jumping the gun a bit with what you will and won't do. I would hold the stand of no sex but if I were you I would keep an open mind to many things until you have some experience with someone you love and care about. Many of us have been raped and abused in sooo many ways. But, with the right person and right situation things often change. You feel safer and loved and it isn't the gross sick thing that happened to us before. It is a whole other world. I am not trying to convince you, I just think you don't have enough experience to cut part of a life off.

    That aside and back to your question. There is NO reason a woman would not want to marry you. Get out there and meet the right one for you. Good luck and keep an open mind, your life is not over and the bad goes away a little at a time.

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    If I were 21 again, I would consider it. Finding a man who hasn't smoked or drank is rare these days. I'm sure you will find a woman who would love to travel the world and be spoiled by you. Many women appreciate the cuddling & kissing more than sex. It may be hard to continue for years like that though. Many women want children, and for that you need sex. I've never been molested, but I imagine that once you find a woman that you love more than anything...those images would disappear over time. If you are talking a truly sexless marriage, are you willing to let her roam to meet those needs? Just something to consider.

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    Male: the female considering approach is the opposite of the male (females are regularly proper, irrespective of condition, while everyone knows guys are) Women are so dang choosy approximately greasy garments and stuff that may be worn till the task is completed. A man can revel in a sandwich with out washing palms after digging fishing worms. When a man is in a position to move out to dinner he do not care to attend round for two-three hours ready for a girl to position on make-up she hasn't worn all week -- will give up now earlier than occurring a tirade. Womens faults are many, guys have most effective 2: Everything they are saying, and the whole thing the do (the Wife's enter)

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  • Very few women want sexless marriage. That being said some would, precisely if they had been in a sexually abusive relationship before. I can relate to being raped. I was home schooled and knew very little about sex so when it happened to me I wasn't sure what had happened until later, I suggest that you talk to someone like a good therapist. As for rape the statute of limitation is three years. I like you I waited to long to tell any one. And when I did they made me feel like it was my fault, However I was in a relationship that was not overly sexual and it really helped me to move on. Not only that but I found that my deep faith in God has made a world of difference. As for me I plan on having a healthy sexual relationship and I plan on tell the man I marry about what happened to me. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Omg what a horrible situation to go through. thats a hard one to answer considering ive never experienced something like that. Im very sorry to hear about that. When you do find someone to love that is gonna be a very important topic to discuss with your girlfriend. She needs to know about that before marriage. If you are not gonna be wanting sex its gonna be hard b/c most woman would like to have children someday. If she really cares about you that want matter. There are people out there that do understand. Maybe as a couple ya'll could get counseling to discuss your issues from the past. Maybe that would help. I wish you the best.

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    I don't think the fact that you have chosen to remain a virgin so far is a bad thing, but the fact that you want to remain a virgin after marriage leads me to think that you have some psychological issues relating to intimacy and/or sex that you really need to work out if you are to ever find true happiness in this life. If you were much older it would be a different situation. You are far too young to go though life without being able to experience everything life has to offer. I suggest you seek some counseling and maybe you will find that this is normal for you or maybe it's not.

  • Marina
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    I read your more detailed question on this subject before it was deleted, and all I can say is that you need therapy to help you deal with what happend to you at such a young age. You are not ready for any type of relationship right now---you need to get yourself sorted out first. I am so sorry you were abused as a child, but you need to know that it had a lasting impact on who you became and now you can get help. I wish you luck. In the future, I would be careful about what you post here---I'm not sure you should have shared something so deeply personal on Yahoo answers! Know what I mean?

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    Please get counseling as soon as you can. I also think you need to report this guy - if he did it to you, he's probably doing it to other boys. Do you want other children to go through what you're going through now? I say you should speak up. Only then will the Creator help you out - you are very lost - there are tons of red flags in your post that should make all women run far the other direction.

    There are guys out there who have good jobs, don't drink/smoke, and who want to have sex. You need help - this abuse has affected you - just seeing that want a sexless marriage says there is something wrong mentally, and you need the assistance of a counselor or therapist to help you through your issues.

    It is also important to know that you should never feel guilty about what has happened. That wasn't your fault. But please speak up and help the voiceless children there.

    Now, to fully answer your question - I probably wouldn't marry you, as I would want sex in my marriage. I would also feel that with your success I'd be in your shadow. I need someone who is in the same field as me. Just a personality issue I guess.

    But please get help as soon as possible.

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    Not until you get rid of some of that baggage you're carrying around in your head. It wouldn't be fair to the wife to have a sexless marriage (or yourself). Sex is great when it's between two people that really love each other. Get some help getting over what happened to you.

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