The people that never ask questions and only answer them...?

Is it because they know everything, or is it that they are so unteachable they do not even realize their unwillingness to learn? I am just wondering. I am not pointing fingers here. Well not specifically anyway. Just curious. Whaddya think?

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    I'm one of "those" people.

    I have found that I learn more by *answering* difficult questions that test my knowledge than asking questions that could appear inflammatory and divisive. The spirit of contention is of the Devil, and it's something I try to fight as a natural born smart-aleck. :-)

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    Some of us are still Human and many times posting a question gets very little response

    Therefore it can be a pointless exercise


    Generally although there is the odd exception most questions in this section are childish and pointless

    As long as it has the word God it is guaranteed a response using children's language and children's behavior

    At the end of the day it's nothing more than feeding time for the demons

  • 4 years ago

    nicely that matches me to a tee completely. It does no longer propose i will ever ask question. My profile is public so that you would possibly want to work out distinctive the questions i have requested before. truly I have over 50 questions I have not in any respect requested yet for particular. you're properly although. perhaps this isn't the right position for me to jot down solutions the following. perhaps a blog is better efficient. yet i'm in my mid 50s and maximum of my relations is previous. there is not any record of my concepts or answer to existence that i might want to wish to leave in the back of. this is one position I do so. And contained in the answering perhaps reason someone to imagine about what somewhat is existence all about? Jesus Christ had in basic terms 3 years to furnish his solutions. The gospels recorded his. without Yahoo solutions the position might want to mine be? this is basically my personal view and that i'm hoping you realize. I get excitement from concept scary questions and that i do no longer duck them in any respect. i have considered a number of yours to boot and they do make me imagine. save up the sturdy paintings. Later.

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    Well maybe they just don't wonder about as much stuff as everyone else because they thought it through already a long time ago. I know someone that very rarely posts questions but he definitely isn't unwilling to learn. He just has a lot more to contribute with answering questions than asking them. I, on the other hand, don't know as much about religion, so I ask a lot of questions, because I'm still trying to learn the stuff that he already knows.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't ask all the questions I'd like to for a couple of reasons - first, I don't like dealing with or reading the vitriol and hate that so many on this forum spew; and second, I don't think I always know how to word the question properly to delve into what I'm pondering-- take my question yesterday on faith -- it has tremendous power in our lives, granted -- but after reading and pondering Mormon & his comments [and Joseph's story] I really got to thinking and pondering the immensity of the power of faith -- moving mountains - commanding the dead to live, etc... I'm still working on understanding this simple/complex principle -- it seems the more we exercise faith, the more our Father in Heaven can shower us in His Love through blessings and miracles -- and I'm still not explaining it as well as I'd like -- my ability with words is not up to the task here... and that's probably another reason I don't ask more questions -- I don't have your talent for selecting scriptures or having clever witticisms [sp?]

    Plus, I have a good excuse these past couple weeks -- getting ready for the holidays, the in-laws and my work [outside on a bobcat] has kept me away from the computer more than usual --

    But we do appreciate you, plastic -- and your willingness to throw things out there. I for one, just don't have your talents...

    Merry Christmas

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    That, and some of them are only after the points. Even though you get 3 out of 5 points back when a Best Answer is picked, I guess that's too high a cost for some.

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    When I have really serious questions, I research the topic in places other than Y/A. I do not wish to prove any points here or convince a bunch of people that they are wrong for what they believe regardless of what I think about it. I have spent a lot of years questioning everything, researching, etc. At this point in my life I know what I do and do not believe.

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    I personally don't ask much questions. I think I've asked like 4. Most of the question I have I ask friends from Church or research them myself before I ask. Luckily I'm able find the answer.

    I just enjoy answering questions, and hope to give a different perspective on things.

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    I've found that on the whole, any question I have has been asked before, or The Mormon Duck beats me to asking it, haha.... though seriously - I do tend to answer more than I ask (I've only asked one question so far, and the answers I got made me sad...)

    I'm always open to emails from people asking me questions, and I'll return them question for question - I have yet to have many people email me though - with some of them - I wonder what they're afraid of....

    Source(s): LDS- and secure enough in my Faith
  • jenny
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    1 decade ago

    I will never have all the answers, nor would I want them all, as

    life would hold no interest. You don't learn as much by asking questions, as you do by listening, or reading.

    If I had a question to ask I would not hesitate to ask.

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