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Periods? WHY!!!! i dont want one!?

Me and my friend are scared of blood! i past out once at the sight!! so we are skiddish about them! PLEASE SHARE WITH US ALL UR WISDOM!!!!! We are terrified! we have devoloed already if that helps.

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    There isn't anything you can do about it. You're female, and now of reproductive age (at least in terms of your fertility) and getting your period is simply something that "comes with the territory." Its a weird thing, indeed..and something one must get used to, but after'll get your period, and think to yourself "whatever..lets just get this over with." If you're sexually active, I'd suggest going on the pill, for two reasons.

    1.) (most important) you'll lessen your chances of getting pregnant before you're ready.

    2.) your periods will be lighter, and shorter

    The only way to stop your cycles completely is to have your uterus removed. Unless you're riddled with fibroids, or have uterine cancer..the likelyhood of finding a doctor that'll perform this surgery for you is ZERO. In short....just learn to live with it (the sight of blood WILL get easier) and eventually you'll be thankful that you get regular periods..especially if you plan on having kids later on. The two go hand in hand.

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    Relax, it's nothing to be sacred of. You may experience a little discomfort with your period (although it's short) it's something you'll learn to deal with rather easily. As far as the "blood" it can be a pain and messy if you're unprepared. You should really be speaking with your mothers and your doctors. They will be able to relax all of your fears. Besides it's not like it comes gushing out, it's more like a consistent trickle, like a faucet not completely turned off.

    Everyone is different. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Millions of women over thousands of years have dealt with it.

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    i hate em too but unfortunately for us women we have to put up with it, part and parcel.....going on the pill many ppl dont realy suffer with periods, or at leasts slows the flow down as long as you find the one that suits your body, .....a hysterectomy: taking the womb away will stop periods but ya gotta have problems and even then docs rarely do it only as last resort(thats if ya dont ever want kids)... or ya could just use a tampon, easy and much much cleaner than a towel, blood doesnt go everywhere and much more discreet too, apart from the above there aint much us women can do

  • theres not a lot we can say only its coming wither you want it or not don't be scared it happens to all us girls its weird at first but its good you and your friend can talk to each other don't worry about the blood and don't ever say that you don't want one its what makes you a women and if you ever want children when your older you will most defiantly need one as it doesn't work with out it

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    Blood from your period is different than normal blood. it harmlessly comes out of your uterus and down your vagina. It doesn't hurt (except for cramps) If it scares you that bad, after you get your first one talk to your mother about getting you on a continuous dose of birth control or depro vera shot and you wont ever have a period.

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    Oh, Please! A little blood is nothing to be afraid of. Every woman in the history of the world has done it. I did it for 30+ years. It's kind of yucky, and it's usually a nuisance. But you are WOMAN. You are strong. You deal with it, and you go on. It's no big deal.

  • well it's gonna happen i'm afraid whether you want them or not. the only way to get rid of them would be to have a hysterectomy or something crazy like that, but you couldnt have babies in the future!

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    well i got my first period last month and i looked at the blood and i was like "well it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be" and trust me a im TERRIFIED of blood but its really not bad at all.

    Good luck =]

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    there is not alot i can say realy but i can say that ur goin to have 1 so coupe with it

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