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Hair growth tips?

I am an african-american girl with my hair at my ears.I really want my hair to grow much longer.do you have any products,tips,remedies ect. that I can use,because I have hit rock bottom trying to get my hair to grow.Please don't give me answers like:there's nothing to help your hair grow,and Nothing can make it grow faster.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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    tip: http://www.wildgrowth.com/

    i use this oil and trust me it really works it's all natural and it's for all hair types and im on the site im PB and it can be bought online and or at stores like sally's beauty store for 7.99 that's were i get mine from.


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    Hair slows down on growing in the winter, and speeds up in the summer, that's true. Try not to use a lot of products on it, that will help. Healthy hair grows fastest. And there are many shampoos and conditioners out there that claim to make your hair longer, you can look into buying one of those. Hair grows around 1/2 an inch a month, but this shows more on ppl with straighter hair, so your hair may seem to take ages to grow, but it is growing. Patience.

    Good luck!

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    DON'T STOP STRAIGHTENING YOUR HAIR!!! It'll most effective make matters worse. What you CAN do is: a million. now not straighten your hair as more commonly (the chemical compounds are very harsh in your hair) two. while you cross to the hair cloth cabinet, SIT UNDER THE DRYER, do not blow dry (it is simpler in your hair) three. Don't allow your hair get too dry, however cream in it each and every as soon as in a even as (Nexus is relatively well) four. Don't color your hair, and if you have already got, check out to not (chemical compounds are harsh on hair) five. Don't placed hair ties in too tight (they holiday your hair) 6. Try to not brush the frame of the hair an excessive amount of (tears out the hair) 7. Eat proper! (If you are getting the proper nutrients, your hair must be more healthy and develop quicker) eight. Avoid weaves (now not well for hair!) nine. Avoid flat-ironing (makes hair vulnerable and brittle) 10. Don't depart your hair down at all times--placed it in a bun or a ponytail (buns are larger..striking your hair up protects the ends, so while you must cross to the salon, they do not must reduce a lot off) eleven. Don't straighten your hair at dwelling, cross the salon! (they recognize what they are doing, so that they may not harm your hair) 12. When the straightener is in, do not wait too lengthy earlier than telling the hair cloth cabinet that it is burning (leaving it in for too lengthy motives big harm) thirteen. Avoid hair ties with the steel piece in them, use material ones (your hair tears out while it will get stuck within the steel) Good success :)

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    There are many methods to make our hair grow faster, shine , glitter in natural ways without using chemicals. Learn here https://bitly.im/aMPGC Men, and sometimes women, notice that their hair is thinning prematurely for several different reasons. Age, menopause, pregnancy, genetics, illness, and other factors all play a role in hair loss. Sure, you can use drugs or you can go in for a hair transplant or fusion, but sometimes the easiest, most inexpensive solution, is to try to stop hair loss naturally.

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    ive heard that you can do all of these

    use horse shampoo

    trim every 6-8 weeks (dont no why it just helps)

    use conditioner it stops split ends

    omega 3 tablets mine grew really fast when i used them

    you can get some tablets from holland and barrett i dont no what there called but they make hair and nails grow and make them stronger

    anyway good look xxx

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    i dont know if this is true, but i heard brushing your hair helps it grow, and i read in a magazine that hair grows fastest in summer

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    Take a multivitamin and keep your hair and scalp moist.

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