Do I buy new or fix my old laptop?

I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 operating system Windows ME. The screen occasionally has lines running through it and changes color, I need to twist the base to fix. It is not wireless. If I keep the computer I know that I will need to aleast upgrade the operating system, get a wireless card/adapter, and buy a battery.

Is it worth it, or should I buy a new laptop? My budget is really tight, I am going back to college and I want something that will be easy to carry and use. I don't believe that I want Vista yet, since it is not compatible with so many things.

Does anyone have any advice to give? Is it even possible to upgrade from ME to XP?


Ok, so I buy new. Next question, I really like Dell and have never had a problem with them. Should I stay with Dell or find another company? The one thing I do know is that I don't want a HP, I worked for them and well...that is enough said.

So any advice on which laptop to buy?

My main requirements are XP, 2 GB Memory, Dual Core Processor (should it be AMD or Intel?), hard drive is not that important I have a desktop and an external at home, it has to be light weight and wireless to travel with. Did I mention I was on a strick budget, less than $1000.

Is this possible?

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    Stick with a DELL. You can get a refurbished (BUT LIKE NEW) Dell from Dell's Special Website for refurbished computers that are hundred of dollars cheaper than their regular retail website.

    I am about to buy a 17inch Inspirion 1721 for 600 dollars, almost brand new.

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    Vista is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. But that is another thread ... as for repairing your laptop... it's a flip of the coin.

    There is a chance that all you need is a new inverter board which could cost as low as $30 ( this may at least give you an idea of what you would be looking at.

    Unfortunately, without really looking at the unit it is very difficult to say for sure if that will fix it or not. That is the most likely repair, but there are other factors which could be causing the problem.

    And that would be if you did it yourself. If you were to think about sending the laptop off for repair then it totally wouldn't be worth it.

    Laptops today are becoming very inexpensive and you would get a LOT more power than what you have currently for not much more than it would be to possibly fix it.

    There are more out there. But when you figure that you could get a brand new laptop with a warranty for roughly $400-$500, it becomes questionable (to me) to spend $100+ to fix an older laptop.

    My opinion -- take a serious look into buying a new laptop, it will most likely end up being your best solution.

    To touch on Vista - don't be afraid of it. It is a new OS (not an upgrade to XP). Vista is also not going away, XP will. What do you have which is not "compatible" with Vista? A lot of software will work (Vista offers a 'compatibility' mode which works well). If something you have for Me would work in XP, it will most likely work in Vista. As for hardware, there are few things out there which would not work. If you had an older printer maybe, but even if you had to get a new printer, $50 and you have a solution.

    EDIT: To respond to your 2nd question.

    If you go new, then yes, I can rec'd Dell. I like them a lot and have not had any major issues with them. Tech Support is there and have been helpful in the past.

    I have to admit, I am a fan of the Vostro series Dell laptops. They are the newest laptop offered by Dell and have been great. As for AMD vs Intel - I have been a HUGE AMD fan for years..... the new Intel chips ROCK and is a no-brainer as for being the better of the two.

    From Dell $600 and you can get the XP w/ 2GB of ram, etc.

    Source(s): 20 Year PC/Laptop Technician
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    It seems like your laptop is a few years old , and just to let you know Windows ME is the worse thing that microsoft has released for an OS. So I would suggest getting a new laptop saying they have come down in price so much over the last couple years. Also it would more or less cost you more to fix your old one then going out and buying a new one.

    PS- this is the perfect time of year to get one too saying its Christmas time many places are having great sales - if you want to price some I suggest

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    I would just try to get a new laptop. You will end up spending so much money and laptops are not easy to upgrade. When upgrading to a new operating system you can run into issues with memory and things like that.

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    Windows ME was the worst things thats every come out of Microsoft. Judging by that OS your laptop is around 7 years old. Depending on if it has some good hardware you might be able to upgrade to XP.

    Laptops are hard to upgrade due to the complex insides of them. Laptop technology has come a long way since ME came out, so finding parts might be a little hard aswell.

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    Trash your old computer and look around for a used computer shop where you can get a deal on a slightly used, XP laptop. With the prices of new computers falling through the floor you should be able to find a real good one for a couple of hundred bucks.

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    not likely confident- i might ask around some nearby computing gadget shops for costs, or attempt ringing some restore centers. a minimum of i might attempt getting them to recuperate information from you difficultpersistent- an identical centers could try this. and then make confident thepersistent is bumped off or wiped/destroyed formerly you postpone any computing gadget, as this might pose a protection danger. you do not comprehend into what hands your information will fall.

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    Get a new system. Don't waste your money trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

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