What do you think about Jainism? Is it an atheist philosophy?


is it a philosphy or more like a religion?

Update 2:

johnny q: Yep, I was wondering whether I was ever going to get an answer hehe. Thank you so much for answering!!!!!!!! :)

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    My knowledge of Jainism is limited but I find it to be very similar to Buddhism on a lot of levels.

    I think the practice of Jainism is more akin to some kind of philosophy in that it is simply ascetism with care and concern for the wellbeing of literally EVERYTHING in the universe.

    The question of Jainism and Buddhism to some extent being athiest philosophy is likely to huge to do justice.

    In some ways I can see and argument for but I know people with a deeper understanding of both who would argue they are unequivocably belief systems including especially ideas of the soul... and many atheists I know would have problems with these ideas.

    P.s. You notice when you ask an interesting question like this you don't get many replies?!

    Everyone seems so busy battling religion (either for or against) in atheist vs. Christian vs. Muslim arguments etc that they don't actually know very much about the multitude of other religions in the world.

    ignorance is bliss...

    or sometimes frustrating.

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    I like Jainism very much....I wish that Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism could all officially become one religion. As a Hindu I regard these as one unit anyway. Jainism is a very peaceful religion, and like Buddhism and Sikhism it is a reformed version of Hinduism.

    I don't think it is an atheist philosophy, because it is concerned with the concept of divinity. But like Buddhism, Sikhism and even Hinduism, it teaches that the truth and God can be realised by other more effective ways other than singing songs. As a hindu there are thousands of different methods that I have to worship. I choose the ones that are more akin to sikhism and buddhism, such as meditattion, trance, mantras rather than singing loud songs in a temple where I can't even concentrate.

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