Got caught..What should I do now?

Stupid Situation here,... I live in the same house with my parents and my brother. [I and my mother jointly own the house]...Recently my brother bought a house and asked me to lend him some money.....but I told him that I had none...he asked my mother she said the same thing.....[it was not true, but in past he had taken money but never returned and this time it was matter of 10K]

Yesterday, I found him all upset, but he'd never say anything. Found out he has got his hands on my recent bank transactions where I transferred the money from my mother's account to mine [for 25K worth of allowed mortgage payment] I was stupid or had a senior moment that I forgot to destroy the receipt....

Now he knows that we both had money and we lied to him.

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    Stay strong on this issue. You said he is already into you for 10 grand. So what if you have money in the bank, why doesn't he, and good on you that you do. Tell him he needs to pay off his previous debt, you are not a lending service. Then tell him to start saving his money.

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    Honesty is the best policy and at the same token trust has to be earned and you can't trust him with money since he has never returned any of it to you in the past.

    Plus, you have a mortgage to worry about, you shouldn't lend out money unless you have 6 months of mortgage and house expenses put away in case of an emergency.

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    Remind him that he is not a good credit risk and that the money there is needed to pay the bills or you will be out on your jointly owned kisters. Tell him to get a life and quit mooching. He needs to get a place, a job, and an identity. Why should he fault you for your good fortune.

    If he was such a great credit risk tell him to get his bank to loan him the money. It ISN'T YOUR PROBLEM.

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    Though it sucks to have a family member angry with you I dont see that you did anything wrong. Sit him down, tell him why you told your "lie" based on past examples.

    I've been in a similiar situation and it always tough to say no to someone who's close to you, but its just plain got to be done sometimes. And its not like your mother and you teamed up together, she had the same thought as you when he asked for $$$$$

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    So what? You are under no obligation to loan him money. Tell him that he did not pay you back in the past so you are not going to loan him money again. You should have told him that in the first place.

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