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I'm just wondering if I'm going to look like an idiot if I go looking for maternity clothes. I'm going into my fifth week and prior to my pregnancy I was a size 2 and my doc told me I need to gain weight inorder to get pregnant so I went from 110 lbs. to 118 lbs. with my tight clothes still fitting but now that I'm almost 5 weeks and 120 lbs. everything is so snug that I feel like I'm going to explode out of it all. My breasts are larger and my stomach is bloated. I'm sort of stuck in the middle do I go buy regular clothes but just a few sizes bigger or should I jump into maternity clothes and grow into them??? What does everyone think?? I'm really uncomfortable :-(

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    I am surprised that I haven't read this solution: BUY A BELLINA (sp?) BELLY BAND! $24 never more well spent! They are such life-savers. This is my second, and I was determined to stay in my pre-maternity jeans since I hated the maternity ones. All it is is a spandex band that stretches over your unbuttoned pants so that you don't have to mess with the rubber bands and other do-hickies: much more practicality. In the case of shirts, get a couple of maternity shirts and a couple of bigger sized shirts, preferrably tunics and such. NOW I shop at Old Navy Maternity, Gap Maternity, and sometimes Mimi Maternity because some of thier clothes can be used during and after pregnancy (ESPECIALLY THIER COATS). They may look big, but you will fill them out eventually. And what many pregnant women forget is UNDERWEAR, wearing the tight pre-pregnancy ones: get some cheap underwear, just one size bigger. SUCH a life-saver too. As for the bras, try some nursing ones, even if you aren't going to: they allow for so much GROWTH and SUPPORT.

    Good luck and congrats!

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    Whatever makes you comfortable go for it, who cares what others may or may not think. I've only purchased a few maternity clothes with my first child. Most of the time I would buy a size larger and I mainly would only wear dresses or skirts since they are most comfortable to be in.

    Second time around I have yet to purchased any maternity clothes, so far I've only gone a size bigger, from small to medium. I buy more loose fitting tops, several dresses and skirts and I still shop at Forever 21. They have these long wide pants that are cute but comfortable, also leggings are very comfortable for me as well. I try to buy clothes which are comfortable now and the styles and types that I would be able to still wear post-pregnancy so I wouldn't have to spend so much on new wardrobe once the baby arrives.

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    It is not an idiot if you are pregnant you need maternity clothes.It depends on how much money you have to spend though if you have money to burn. You can buy clothes that will last you part of the way through but everything does not have to be something that will last you to the very end. I would get one good pair of maternity pants and some stylish jogging pants. The first maternity pants that I bought did not last me throughout my pregnancy because I got very big. I was very hungry when I was pregnant and I ate too much. I would not buy regular clothes that cost very much because you may never be able to wear them again. You will be getting bigger every month probably. Some people go the whole pregnancy small and some people get very big.

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    I am normally a size 4, so my clothes quit fitting at week 7 or 8. I went ahead and bought maternity clothes, most of them you couldn't tell they were maternity clothes. The problem was that we just couldn't afford to buy 2 wardrobes during my pregnancy.On the flip side of that if you just buy some bigger clothes, you may be able to wear those after the baby is born until you lose the pregnancy weight.

    However, I would HIGHLY recommend buying a Belly Band from a maternity store. Its like a spandex band about 1 ft thick that goes around your belly and holds your pants up when they are un-done. It works awesome! I thought it couldn't possible hold my pants up, but it did. It was the best $15 investment I made in my pregnancy and I was able to wear some of my regular pants until I was about 8 months along.

    Its really just up to you.

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    what I did with my pants so they fit more comfortably is I took a hair tie, or a rubber band and looped it through the button hole then hooked it onto the button, it gave me more room, that why I was comfy, not having maternity clothes that didn't fit just yet, and regular clothes I just figured those will get pretty tight on me eventually too. Now I'm at the point where I HAVE to buy maternity clothes and or stretchy pants. My shirts are even getting TOO SMALL on me. LOL. this Sunday I'll be 7 months pregnant, or 28 weeks, and In the beginning of my third trimester. YAY! I'm having a lil girl. and congrats on your baby.

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    if iwere you i would look in the paper or on ebay for someone selling maternity clothes, if you want ot start buying them now because you have got nine months of being pregnant, and the price of buying clothes for nine months that you will not be wearing afterwards can add up. They do sell really cute stuff all over the place but its hard to find cheap stuff that is fashionably cute. Borrow clothes off a slightly larger friend, until you feel like your not going to get much bigger which comes around your seventh month, unless you can afford to foot the bill than I say hell with it buy all the maternity clothes you want. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable while pregnant

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    I'd say just get some regular clothes that are bigger for now. You'll probably be glad you have them after you give birth and aren't quite back to normal yet. But then again, the stretchy waist band of the maternity jeans is VERY comfy. It's up to you either way. BTW - The best stuff I've found is from Old The maternity in the store is crap, but the website is great!

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    When I had my second I was uncomfortable in my regular clothes. I went to Fashion bug and got size small maternity pants (no belly panel) just an expanding waist band. They looked great and carried me through until I was almost 6 months along. As for shirts I would just buy a size or 2 larger than you are wearing for now.


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    Whatever makes you feel comfortable! For now, I just buy bigger clothes, but I'm not really showing that much yet. When I really get a pregnant belly I'm gonna buy maternity clothes because they will fit better and be more flattering. You won't look like an idiot buying maternity!! You are pregnant after all...have fun!

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    I started shopping for maternity clothes around 5-6 weeks. Everyone is different. I wanted clothes that would work for after the baby is here so I aimed for alot of empire waisted shirts and dresses. Those hide the belly nicely. It took me a while to get into pants that would fit correctly, its frustrating but try to aim for skirts or pants that will take a belt. You are very small so it will be easier for you than for women who are a bit larger. Good Luck and have fun!

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