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What effect did Elizabeth I have on religion in England?

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    She carried on with the Protestant church and refused to marry a Catholic.

    When she took the throne, England was in a state of despair. France and Spain were both powerful Catholic nations seeking to get a hand in ruling Britain. She was able to play both of them off of each other.

    During the begining and middle of her reign, she was more middle of the road with respect to religion in some aspects (mainly to produce unity in the state). She did reinstate Protestantism, but also retained many Catholic practices (such as having archbiships and bishops).

    Catholics were persecuted later in her reign and many were put to death.

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    She wanted to unite the protestants and catholics by creating one church of England with one prayer book. Her sister, Bloody Mary, before her had massacred thousands of protestants b/c she was a devout Catholic. Elizabeth wanted to stop all the fighting between the religions.

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    She kept England in the Protestant camp.

    She reversed the actions of Mary I, allowing those that had fled the country because of Catholic persecution to return. She took a semi-neutral stance on Catholicism in England, not wanting to offend anyone. She herself was a loose Protestant.

    She refused the request of the king of SPAIN to wed.

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    She refused to marry the Duke of Anjou (a French Catholic) at the urging of her Protestant subjects. She made the Church of England (Protestant) the state religion.

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    she helped establish henry the 8's (her fathers) idea of protestantism and establish england as a protestant country and encouraged the persecution of catholics

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