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hi, i want to buy a shoes online, but not sure this web : is trustable or not!?

i want to buy a pair of shoes online , this is the web: , but not sure if it can be trust or not! please help me!

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    I'm not sure, there are a few red flags waving away. It looks like a bunch of other sites that have come and gone without a trace over the past year. As mentioned it has a hotmail address for the e-mail contact. A legitimate website has domain e-mail addresses. Second, they prefer western union and another company I've never heard of before as their first payment choice. There's a big red flag, I never deal with companies that want western union payment. I only use a credit card. You have very few legal rights when you pay with that method. The orders are shipped from china, and they say shipping is free, but they say handling charges might be added.

    I dunno, there are plenty of US and Canada based on line retailers who strive to run honest and reliable on line businesses. The prices might be a bit higher, but always remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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    The site seems to be fine but I noticed the email address and it is a hotmail account (down on the bottom). Why wouldn't it be an email address related to the domain? Then again who would go to such great lengths to scam? Some people will so here is another website I can recommend you.... my roommates order from them all the time. I don't know what shoes you are looking for but they have a variety.

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