Could you imagine for a moment that you went to a family get together and part of your family rejected you?

Would you be irritated and sad? Hurt and bewildered? That is how I felt yesterday being told that as a Catholic I was not a Christian, rejected by my brothers and sisters in Christ. On that not could I ask your forgiveness for my posts? I was not aware one came across as proud and boastful. Please forgive me.

Peace Be With You,


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    Debra , I am sorry that some Christians have said that you are not a Christian because you are Catholic. I disagree strongly with many of the practices and doctrines of the Roman Catholic church but no one has the right to tell you that you are not saved by the blood of Jesus. That is a matter between you and God. Some Christians feel so strong about what they feel are the false teachings of the Catholic church that they will spew forth this kind of nonsense. I do agree that many Catholic teachings such as and mainly Mary worship, Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Eucharist, the Mass and the infallibility of the Pope are false and dangerous teachings . But many Catholics are Christians in spite of these false teachings not because of them. If you truly have a relationship with Jesus, ask him to reveal what his thoughts are on these subjects . God knows his sheep and I rejoice that you count yourself one of them.

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    I would say that person(s) have the problem. YOU certainly do not. You and I do not agree on religious matters but I still consider you as a very close personal friend and I always will. I am sorry that someone was so degrading to you and your religious family members. I do not agree with your church doctrine but I would never treat you in that manner. We are all to read, study, and obey HIS WORD and if they have a problem with that, then the problem is theirs. Please remember that, GOD LOVES YOU and I do too!! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Thank YOU,



    I believe the Bible is our FATHER'S Inspired WORD and I believe that makes me a Fundamental Christian but I never attack others anywhere at any time unless my blood sugars are the root cause. I certainly could never attack my friends and I consider everyone that I know on this site to be a FRIEND! I also love you as I do Debra...




    I forgot to mention that my youngest brother is a Catholic, didn't I!


    Source(s): This is my Personal Feelings and opinion on this matter. .
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    Sugar, you been great! You were so sweet to me! I don't have to imagine what rejection feels because I experience ALL the time! As far as family get togethers go, shoot, I get along with my family in a sense I don't fight with them or stuff, but it's my little cousins (my second cousins) I am close to. Outside my immediate family, there is only ONE relative who calls me.The rest, if I have a phone conversation with them, it's ONLY because I called.

    Shoot, most the time my father waits for me to call him instead of making calls 50/50. My mother, she'll call sometime. When my child is a grown-up, I am going to call 50% of the time at least!

    My heart weeps for you, sweetheart! No need to ask of my forgiveness!

    A rainbow of (((((((((((((((((((((DEBRA)))))))))))))) to you!

    You have been such an inspiration to me!

    Continue to go in peace! I love you! It takes a BIG person to admit their errors and ask for forgiveness, but you been great! I never had a problem with you!

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    I read the question you posted and I did not find it proud or boastful, simply frustrated with being misunderstood. I would say to you that those who reject you may possibly not even be in your family. The fruits of the spirit show us truth and rejection and lack of forgiveness are not mentioned. You need no forgiveness for your question because you have not wronged anyone. Have peace my sister in Christ.

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    Since when did the voice of a mortal dictate what your religious beliefs should be?

    You're a Catholic, so am I. This religion evolves in the Holy Trinity - God, His Son Christ, and the Holy Spirit, along with the saints.

    There is no one true religion that supersedes the other.

    Titles alone do not a christian make.

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    From reading your posts, i must say that you definitely do not come across as proud or boastful. God bless you in your charity for asking forgiveness.

    i have friends who have been rejected by their family members for converting to Catholic Christianity. I am sure the family members feal betrayed since they have been bombared by antiCatholicism all their lives.

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    Don't worry about them. They are "wanna be, holier than thou" people that wish they were true Christians. If they really believed in their own doctrines and the true teachings of the Christ, they wouldn't need to bash another for their beliefs to boost their own confidence. There is no asking for forgivness from those that say they are "Christian" but what they need is your pity and sympathy. No one of the same belief should ever bash another of the same faith. Does it not say in your bible that "Judge not lest ye be judged". And also " Those that say they speak for God are not of God."?

    Do not worry about some of those fundie trolls my dear, I look at it this way, until they pay my bills, clothe me, live in my house, and feed my family then there comments are no concern of me and mine. Live and be happy! Is that not what your religion says to do? Everyones interpretation of the scripture is different than the next persons that is why we have so many different denominations of one faith of Christianity. No one is better or worse than the other. Relax and feel blessed that you are such a nice and forgiving person.

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    Aww, (((Debra)))

    I never understood this, it is absurd to me. Why would someone try to hurt you like that, it's stupid and pointless. Weren't Catholics the first Christians? I may disagree with Mahayana Buddhists on some of the finer points of Buddhism, but I would never dream of claiming that they are not Buddhists. I don't have the authority to do that, not to mention the inflated ego that is necessary to claim to have that authority. I believe that the Bible says that works without faith is pointless, but it also says that faith without works is dead. You have both in abundance, and they are in no position to judge you :)

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    Yes I have. I did feel hurt, but not bewildered. I learned that there are many definitions of family, and it doesn't necessarily take blood to link a family together. My real Family these days is a large group of people who may or may not be blood related, but share a common bond through love.


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    I'm not a Catholic or a Christian. Just a man who thinks what he does is correct.

    My only advice - seek not forgiveness from anyone here, but forgive them. They are still in the grip of Maya, wrapped in their Illusions.

    Source(s): Daoist-Buddhist
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