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Do i have a chance with this guy? is he interested? ( I NEED A LOT OF ANSWERS?

Ok so i like this guy.. we met like 4 months ago, and we went to a concert with our friends, then he asked a friend of mine my email.. we talked a little, then i had this party and i went with him, he told me i looked beautiful and he was like always "hugging me" and then my friend were like picture! and he hugged me, then the music started and there was a song and he started to sing to me in the ear , this " where your heart fits" and then we danced a lot, and when we got like lost from each other when we found again, he would hug me again and put a huge smile on his face...


he asked how was the food, he pulled the chair for me, he even told me if he change his desert for mine, even though he didn't like chocolate.. (his was vanilla and mine was chocolate) oh and he asked me my cell #!!

-he isn't shy at all...

-he is just the kind of guy that love girls

-and he said to my friend that he couldn't have a nice girl..


and my guy friend told me like say hi to him! say hi (trough msn) and i didn't so i post a comment on his space

and i asked him like ..hey lets go to another concert! and he said ofcourse whenever you want

is he interested? or just being kind/polite?

I found out that this girl like SOOO loves him and is all over him.. so and i'm not quite sure if he likes her back.. (which i think no) but....

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    Girl. I think he likes you. You definitely got a chance!

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    just ask him like are u interested in me? like more than friends and if response shyly thats a yes and if he says yes then forget it hes a pimp he must be hugging all the girls he meet thats y hes soo easiyl to like and drool over! lol

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    he liokes you. go out with him.

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