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Overpopulation of Guild Wars Proffs?

Is there a overpopulation of certain GW proffs?

It looks like Dervish(which im thinking of), or Ranger would be over made... I know obviously Monk isn't OP, but for me thats just too much responsibilty xD.

The Reason im asking is because I just dont want to make the same mistake as I did in WoW.

I made a Rogue and Hunter (ouch), both at 70. It became really hard to find a good raid guild... nvm that tho, thats the past =P...

And yes i know you dont raid in GW!!

So, yeah just wondering about my Original Question. Is there more of one proffession then others.

Thx, I hope all that makes sense!

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    Well, considering you can change your secondary profession and build VERY easily at late game, profession are pretty flexible.

    I have noted a LOT of Dervish in Nightfall though (and assume the same about Assassins in Factions.) I also run into a lot of Warriors, particularly Warrior/Monks. Rangers also don't have incredible demand in the areas of game play I am in. (I'm not quite to the end of any campaign yet. Keep getting side-tracked :)

    Primary Monk's are ALWAYS in demand, and many groups look for area damage from a Elementalist. So those might be good classes. In Nightfall Paragon's are pretty rare because they are a support class. I also don't see a lot of primary Mesmer's, but I've heard that class is rough as a primary.

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    Not really. There are a LOT of dervishes, and a LOT of Assassins, but it's not like they're left without groups, as a group can fit 2 or 3 of them in.

    So basically, any profession is able to find a group for anything.

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    I would say that there is probably an overpopulation of Warriors.

    Monks are always in high demand, but if that's not your style you wouldn't be very happy playing a monk.

    Elementalists and necromancers are always in demand, but it really just depends on where you are and which mission you're attempting.

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