college choice. PLEASE HELP ME!!?

I am a new immigrant and I got accepted by SUNY-Stony Brook, SUNY-Buffalo, SUNY-Binghamton and CUNY-Baruch. I want to major in business(such as finance/management). Which one should I go? Some people told me Binghamton and Baruch are both good in business. I know almost nothing about those two schools. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    Try visiting each campus to get a feel of them.

    GO through each of their websites..

    Look who gave you a better offer or one that will suit you.

    Just do research and compare them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Baruch is very good for business, another good school is Old Westbury which is also SUNY but way cheaper than stony brook

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Wow, it incredibly is quite a reaction. I almost suspect there is extra occurring, and consistent with risk she has different motives for wanting you to flow to SUNY or different issues occurring in her lifestyles that have made her overreact that at yet yet back she might've dealt with extra suited. i'm sorry you're dealing with this. definitely might desire to handle it delicately. perchance attempt getting her and your father to sit down down and communicate flippantly approximately your college decision. instruct how serious and significant that's to you and which you have have been given given it a brilliant variety of theory, not purely staying on the factor of dwelling house out of convenience. checklist your motives for why you prefer to flow to Baruch. enable her checklist her motives for wanting you to flow to SUNY and/or for not wanting you to flow to CUNY. And your father too; perchance he has some perception. And answer their questions: What are you able to do to purely be confident you get the completed college journey in case you reside on the city? What campus activities will you connect? Will you reside at dwelling house all 4 years or stay in a dorm or house? Are there summer time internships or learn courses you may desire to connect that would desire to enable you to spend time in yet another city? consistent with risk you may prefer to do a Junior twelve months in another country software? there are distinctive techniques you may get distinctive stories with out it being at a celebration college. i truthfully doubt she would be in a position to p.c.. up and depart over your college decision; if she is heavily pondering doing that, then there are different motives and that is not your fault. lots extra in all risk she's purely disillusioned and announcing something to end you from doing what she thinks is a foul concept. locate out what she's thinking and do your suited to reassure you that that's the suited factor for you.

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