Is this harassment?

So, my friend of 10+ years has this psycho girlfriend whom is also the mother to their 2 year old son. She is a very insecure girl and he is known for his infidelity. Every time he visits at our house she calls MY house, asks if there are any girls over here, b*tches him out, and calls back another 30 times (no joke) to continue yelling at him. Not only is this RUDE but it is really starting to irritate me and my family. Especially late at night when my parents are in bed and he is over with my brother. I am not about to kick him out of my house. He is always welcome. I want to block all her numbers, but she'll just call Private. Is there some kind of harassment charge or disturbing of the peace that I can file? Maybe a restraining order? This girl has also threatened me with cops and personal exploitation to get info or me to send him home. I've had enough of this loose cannon. I feel like I'M in a relationship with her. Any suggestions??

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    Put a block on your phone so no private or blocked numbers can ring through. If you are feeling threatened or feel for your safety, you can talk to the police. They will advise you with what is in your rights.

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    Tell her to stop calling, that you will not answer her calls. Make her understand that she will get NOTHING out of calling your house. Tell her that her husband is NOT your problem and they should deal with their issues at their own house. Tell her that you, your mother, your father and your brother are VERY bothered by her calling.

    Or have someone else (your dad) answer a few of her calls and say "wrong number." Or have your dad (hopefully he'll get more respect) yell at her over the phone to stop calling and to explain to her it's useless and rude and she needs to stop:) But whoever talk to her, don't talk in a personal manner. Address her as "m'am, you need to stop calling. We do not know you m'am and you have no right to call this number." Impersonal and calm.

    just my 2 could also ask a psychologist, how to deal with this mess. Maybe there's a better way.

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    You can have 'Private" calls blocked. Check your phone company's website about it.

    I know that Verizon has an option where "Private" calls don't ring your phone, the person gets a message stating that they must state their name before the call will go through.

    Check into it

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    the end really made me laugh block all private no#'s 2 or just turn the ringer on vibrate before u go 2 bed

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  • 1 decade ago

    it is harassment I would let the cops know about this if it was me.

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