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How do you trust someone?

Is trust earned, or blindly given? How do you trust people, when most people are untrustworthy from what I've seen?

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  • G.
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    Good question... i'm still working on it from dating liars from the past. I think i'm getting it back now since i'm dating someone who deserves my trust.

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    Trust is a two-way street in my opinion. I blindly trust no one. I believe that trust is earned. So, to answer your question, how do you learn to trust people? Those who are trustworthy will prove themselves over time, and the answer to that will resolve itself. If you have to question, then they're probably doing something untrustworthy.

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    trust begins at birth. How you were cared for at birth will have an effect on how you will trust others throughout your life. I think the most important part of social interaction is to be strong in yourself. Meaning that you need to love yourself and trust yourself before you can do so with others. Part of trusting yourself is listening to your intuition .when you don't feel right about someone, maybe it is your inner voice telling you not to trust them. I think its sad though that people go through life not trusting anyone. You might as well put a box around your heart and lock it up. You have to take chances in life and love and sometimes you have to take chances through trusting people. Even when someone breaks your heart, there is a lesson to be learned, its just about paying attention to your feelings.

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    This is something really hard for me.

    There are very few people I fully trust.

    My hubby being the one I trust completely.

    Other than him, it is really limited.

    How I trust? Over time, and the stability of the person.

    Through good and bad.

    Those who know or care to know you well enough to search your heart out deeply because in return this is how I live my life.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The trick is to make it seem like you trust them, those who cannot be trusted will soon show their true colors. You should learn to trust your instincts and take a chance if you really like someone whether it be as a friend or a sexy time playfriend. Its not healthy to be cynical about everyone.

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    It should be earned, "codependent" people might throw it out blindly, so might others... I think it is important to trust one's self first.

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    to me is not a question of "how" to trust but "can" we trust someone? Yes we can trust someone but not 100 % becus u have to think about our self if that person is a "conman".

  • nazbak
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    1 decade ago

    Antecedent, education,behavioral nature,relation with ppl etc may be taken into consideration to trust someone.

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    Trust has to be earned.

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    I never completely trust someone..

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