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Do you have good and bad days starting lexapro?

I have been on lexapro 10mg for 3 weeks now, and for the most part, i have been having pretty good days. But every now and then, i'll have a day where i feel out of it and more anxious than normal. Is this just my body getting used to the medication? Is it normal to have good days and bad days?

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    yeah i above though,it's nomal.also it takes antidepressants up to 6--8 weeks til it gets it full effect.give it a chance.i love it.and my moms side of the family almost them all are on it.and damn it's been help in so many ways for us all.good luck.

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    Totally normal. Give it a couple more weeks and your moods should even out.

    Source(s): Was on Lexapro for three years.
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    Yes it's normal. I hope it works for you, did nothing for me :)

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