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Batman/Joker falling bodies!!!?

: Batman is tied up and sitting in a pool of oil, Joker releases a match 600m above Earth at t=0. When will the match hit Batman assuming he's flat?

What if Batman also fires a squirt of water linear to the match

and the initial velocity of the squirt of water is 70m/s. When is the match ganna reach the squirt of water at it's maximium hieght?

Can someone tell me what the variables stand for in this equation?

y = -4.9t^2 + vt + vi

How do I solve a problem similar to this?


(AND, assuming batman is not fireproof

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    Is this a recurring dream, or have you only had it this one time?

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    Why would Joker drop it from 600m above earth? A bit overkill if you ask me; it would probably go out on its way down.

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    It's simple, divide by Pi and subtract your sum by Chuck Norris's total BMI.

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    do experiments to find out

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