I want to move to Bonston Mass. from Houston, Texas, but...?

I want to continue my college education and out of state tution is expensive! I am going for my BA in Social Science -- Does anyone have any suggestions on a good school and its not too expensive. I was thinking about moving this summer, but late in the summer around Aug. Is that a good time to go? Whats a good area of live even if its outside of Boston? I am going for New Years... Would winter be @ its hardest? I want to get an idea of yalls winters thats the reason I am going in December. What are the pros and cons on Boston? I am only 21, but I work for the largest commercial real estate company in the world CBRE as an AA w/ good skill would it be hard to find a job if I can't transfer by the time I want - Aug?

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    There are many good schools in and around Boston. You should do some research on what schools are not only affordable, but excel in your desired filed of study.

    Winter can be a little tough, especially if you aren't used to it. I've been in Boston my entire life so I can get away with a sweatshirt and a winter hat most days. I would guess that the average temp is above freezing, but it can drop into the 10's and 20's for short periods of time. Snow is also an issue, but the number of major snowfalls has been steadily decreasing. The temperatures can vary pretty dramatically though. Lat January we has a few days in the 70's and even now it's just dipping into the 40's.

    I don't know much about your job field so I can't really comment on that, but since you are 21 and looking for a college I can tell you that Boston is definitely a college town with many major universities in pretty close proximity. If you are looking for off campus housing I would suggest looking well before August though. We have a major influx of students when the fall comes.

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    Making the move from Houston to Boston is rare for a simple reason: Boston is expensive! Since you work "for the largest commercial RE company in the world", you'd know that. So, asking about an affordable college is somewhat laughable unless you already are resigned to going to a community college or are willing to take on lots of student loans to go to the big ones.

    Hopefully a new position up here will compensate you well for the cost of living increase from living in Texas. Rents, food, gas, utilities, all much higher up here.

    Weather in December is not awful as Northern cities go. The snow period is around January-February. It can and will get cold around December.

    Best place to live is somewhere close to work, or somwhere reasonably close to the T. Then you won't have to worry about using your car to commute, which can be a pain time and gas-wise.

    Good luck.

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    The two cities are very different. Houston is a port city with many oil refineries, it's hot, humid and polluted by the refineries. Dallas is much farther north, almost in Oklahoma. There are no refineries, not heavy industry at all, mostly service industry jobs. It's cleaner than Houston for that reason. Before you move to either city you need to find a job and check the rents, etc. Texas is a huge state and the differences between our cities is major, so deciding is usually easy as the two places are so different. The general consus would be the Dallas is the better place to live. There are many nice suburbs with good schools and low crime rate. Again, the city is huge so where you work determines what part you live in.

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    the winters are rough up here in jan and feb.it's also expensive to live in this area,but you will make more money here also.try to secure employment before ya get here.if you can find housing on campus you would be better off,or find roommates,other students are always looking for roommates to defer the housing cost.

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