What would be a good question to ask when trying to examine the cultural differences of people?

The person I want to pose the question to is a pretty, and distinguished east Indian woman of 35 yr. who immigrated to Canada as a girl, went on to become a Doctor and has recently become a US citizen. She also teaches multi cultural classes at my college. I hanent yet setteld on a satisfying question to ask her, so Im asking you all for suggestions--remember my objective is to bolster discussion, gain insight, and learn of culture!tx

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    1 decade ago
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    This is weird. If you want to contact her for discussion, why would you ask us for a good question. You should know the question. And if you want to gain insight and learn about the culture of the people living in India, there are tons of resources and as college student you should know that. It is my hope that you are not stalking her. I think you better leave this one alone because if there is any indication of pursuing her it's reported, you can bet your bottom dollar there could be charges, and you can be thrown of out school.

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