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ex boyfriend?

hi all,

my ex and i broke up because he was always working and he never had time for me. we broke up about 2 years ago. after we broke up he would always keep in touch till this day. he calls me like every 3-4 weeks to see how i am doing? also, when he calls he wants to hang out and everytime i hang out with him we end up kissing (no sex) just kissing,,,so its not a booty trying to figure him out..what does he want from?? does this make any sense at all?? cause im so confused as to why he hooks up with me when we hang out but we r not together...ive been dating other guys after him and i know that hes been dating other girls after me...i need help trying to figure this out??? im gonna ask him whats on his mind, but before i do this i just want everyones curious

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    I think this is a commitment issue. From what I understand, what you described is what many guys would see as an *ideal* relationship, at a younger age at least. He cares about you, he enjoys spending time with you, talking with you, hooking up with you ... but he doesn't feel the pressure of *having* to do anything - he can take 3 -4 week breaks if he wants to, he's not obligated to call, etc. He may eventually want to have more of a commitment, but I would say it's going to be very unpredictable.

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    i think that you should both try and let go or get over the commitment both are very confused and need to know whats on each others mind!

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    Sounds like he is either a. still interested or b. just in it to make out

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    he wants you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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