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What is your opinion of that mother who posed as a 16 year old boy on myspace to lure a 13y.o. neighbor girl?

into a relationsip, telling her how special she was, how great she was and so on for like 6 or 8 weeks then turned on the kid and bad my mouther her all over the internet, told the kid the world would be a better place without her, so poor Megan killed herself all because this Moms daughter didn't get along with Megan? And then, when the lady across the street found out about it because her daughter was friends with the Moms daughter and the Mom threatened her daughter but a few weeks later ratted the Mom out so the lady across the street went to Megans parents and ratted out the bad Mom, they called the cops and there was nothing the cops could do. And to top it all off the Bad Mom had since asked Megans parents if she could store a foosball table in their garage for her kids Christmas surprise (of all the freaking nerve)?

Is this an example of bad parenting, a pscho person breeding, just how dangerous the internet can be, or an extreme example of how vile trolls really are?

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    I watched this the other day on the news. I think it is down right sick. I am sure the mother never thought the little girl would take it as far as to killing herself, but I am a mother and I would NEVER do that to a KID. It is a crazy situation and I think the parents of the little girl are in a process to try and change the law so the mother can get charged for this hideous crime.

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    i read that story, it was on the interenet and in People magazine. and i think that woman is crazy. Kids will be kids and have disputes there was no reason for her do that to Megan. even if she claims she was just trying to find out what Megan was saying about her daughter. There is no reason at all for an adult to play such chldish mind games with a little girl. If she thought Megan was talking about her daughter, the parents should have discussed it like adults and took the proper action. there certainly was no reason to start talking bad about her and post things saying she was a who*e and things. The Grown women went through a lot of trouble to make a little girls life miserable

    That poor girl thought there was no way to escape the embarassment this adult caused her. She should be ashamed of herself. and yet she claims it's not her fault Megan killed herself and says that Megan's parents need to be quiet and quit bringing so much attention to them and the case.

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    Its so sad that adults cant even act like an adult and would do this to a child just is unbelievable to me and its people like this as to why my daughter does not get on the computer and will not without me or her dad right beside her. Its not that i don't trust her its i just don't trust everyone else and that's sad that we cant even trust your own neighbors. That should tell you alot about what this world is becoming!! God Bless everyone!!

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    Its horrible. She should go to jail and never be able to see her daughter again. Then she'll know how the other mother feels.

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    I read about this sad news, They should go to jail. I really do think that this evil mom killed the little girl.

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    It's an example of how serious trolling isn't 'harmless'.

    No less than screaming FIRE in a crowded theatre.

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    Sad absolutly sad. You really have to monitor your childrens actions on the internet.

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    I think this woman should be locked up. She led to this child killing herself. I think it is just sick that parents do that.

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    I think it is SICK! I feel sorry for the 13 year old and her family.

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    I can't use the exact words on here that I think, but she is one sick B.

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