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Is it wrong??

OK...I have been cooking ground beef EVERY night for Rory, my beloved Great Dane, and Sampson, my beautiful black lab. It is getting very tiresome, but I can't see anyway out of it. They just turn their noses up in disdain for any "dog food" and simply won't eat. Having said that, and keeping in mind that my dogs are VERY important to me, how do I break this ugly trend? There are nights when I am simply wiped out and don't have the energy to be making piles of ground beef. Does anyone else cook for their dogs? Do I need some sort of therapy??

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    You do need therapy.

    However, I don't trust therapists. So I have another solution. Quit your job so you won't be so tired. Then you can start making dog food as your job, and selling it to other people. Eventually you can hire some illegal immigrants and just supervise. Then you won't be tired at all. And your dogs can still have good food.

  • EVO is a kibble alternative to raw diet.. i think if you are giving ground beef and only that you arent giving enough nutrients to your dogs even though you put so much time in! i think they need an enzyme and vitamin and min supplement if its just cooked ground beef. I would give EVO a try, mixing a little bit of the meat in also for a few days. If they dont eat the kibble after 20 mins, take the food away and put it out again later. If they're healthy, they'll eat:)

    Or if you are financially able..someone on here recently told me about this food

    it's frozen supplemented meat. or you can buy the same at holistic pet stores, i'm not sure which would cost less, depends on your area.

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    While I do occassionally mix beef, gravy, chicken, rice or scrambled eggs into their food but it is in small quantities and not the majority of their diet. We put their food out at feeding time and if it isn't eaten in a half hour - bowls are picked up until the next time. They will eventually get the message but don't be surprised if they hold out 2-3 days. Just be sure they are getting plenty of water and maybe a good vitamin supplement and it'll be okay. As for saving time, I try to cook extra on weekends or when I am fixing a regular meal and then put in freezer bags or boxes for when I want to add it to the dogs food. BOL!

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    Cooking your own dog food is admirable, but it is exhausting! There are some good dog foods out there, have you checked out the raw dog food diet? Some pet stores carry it. Your dogs need more than just meat, and beef is not a good choice. I found a very nutritious and holistic kibble for my dogs and have stuck to it.

    And as to being fussy and turning their noses up at anything else, first off, fresh meat smells better than anything else out there! So they will be fussier about any kibble you offer them after having fresh meat. I use a little chicken liver, cooked, and add it to my dogs kibble every day. The smell is enticing, chicken is better on their stomachs, and I know they are getting a good crunchy kibble that helps to clean their teeth.

    Secondly, your dogs will not starve if you offer them food and they turn it down. They will eventually cave in and eat what you offer them!

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    Put dog food out for them and simply stop cooking for them. Give it 1 or 2 days and they'll eventually start eating once they realize they aren't getting anything else. If this is too 'extreme' then try mixing ground beef into their dog food to get the used it and slowly wean them off of it.

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    Cooking like this for them is very unhealthy for the same reason eating a large amount of beef every night can be harmful for us...and then add the fact they are smaller with more sensitive digestive systems. Cooking for pets like this almost always leads to overweight animals with heath problems. They are going to have to make the switch...maybe try mixing a bit of beef with their dog food...then slowly putting in less beef each time?

    Source(s): I used to cook for my pets until I talked to the vet about it
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    You have to wean your dogs. Start out with ground beef, begin adding small amounts of dog food to the beef, gradually increasing it. After a while, you can just eliminate the meat. If the dogs turn their noses up at it don't worry. Make sure every other potential food source is out of reach to them, and they will eventually get hungry.

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    You need to quit that all together and feed him a good Holistic dog food. He may go a few days without eating, but when he's hungry he will eat. You could get one of the many gravies on the market for dogs and put some on the dry food. This is absolutely the best way to feed your dog. Do your research and I think you will agree.

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    Cooking them only ground beef is in no way a balanced diet. You are hurting them more than helping them by doing this.

    Just because you love your dogs, doesn't mean that they should be able to pick and choose what they eat.

    Get them a high-quality kibble, and give them ONLY that. After 20 minutes, whatever is not eaten gets picked up and no more food until the next scheduled feeding time. A healthy dog will not starve itself. They may go a couple of meals without eating to see if you will give in, so DON'T. They will learn that they need to eat whatever you give them, and you're life is made much easier!

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    Your dogs are taking advantage of you. They are dogs-if they get hungry enough they will eat what is fed to them. If you continue with the ground hamburger and nothing else, you will be depriving your dogs of needed nutrients in their diets, which can end up being harmful in the long run.

    Try feeding some of the holistic foods, such as Timbefwolf, Candidae, Innova, etc.

    You just have to be strong and hold out until they get hungry enough. I know it's hard, but some "tough love" seems to be required here.

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    Any time that you change a dogs diet, you should do it over time. You are going to have to go with can food (being that they are already spoiled). Start mixing some in with the ground beef. They will soon start to love that being that there is gravy in it. Over time you will be able to give them nothing but the can food and they will be just fine with it. Patience is the key here. Good luck!! Rub their belly's for me :D

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