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Hangover Drug - Tylenol or Advil?

I heard tylenol causes liver problems!! Help

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    Take a Vitamin B Complex pill along with water, an electrolyte drink like gatorade/powerade, or some 100% fruit juice...It won't happen immediately but many of the B vitamins have the ability to temporarily speed up your metabolism, meaning your hangover will exit your system faster.

    In the future, try taking a B Complex vitamin BEFORE you drink, if you can remember. I do this before bed every time I overdo it, & have NOT had a hangover since!

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    The operative word here is prevention not treatment. From what I understand misuse of many safe over the counter drugs may cause liver problems. You may alleviate or lessen the effect of drinking too much alcohol by drinking 2-4 glasses of water and taking 2 aspirin before going to bed. Unless you were completely wasted you should be able to function normally in a.m.

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    Aspirin and water. Then food. Try milk too. Something to coat and fill your stomach. Gentle, bland foods are good for upset stomachs. Even though your blood is already thinned by the alcohol, one aspirin is best out of tylenol and advil. Naproxen (Alieve) is best for chronic pain. It builds up in your system if you take one every day. Tylenol is best for temporary muscle pains. Ibprofen (Advil) well i'm not sure about that one.

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    Anything you put in your body is filtered by your liver. None of it is going to be better then the other. Best thing to do is drink water and lay off the drinking to the point of a hangover.

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    don't drink so much, then you won't have to ask

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