started taking anti-depressants but dont want to, they make me feel good but can i still feel this without em?

I have been going to a therapist for a month, they suggested to see my doctor since they cant pre-scribe anything.

My doctor put me on one anti-depressant 2 weeks ago and then assigned me a phyciatrist.

I went to the phyciatrist yesterday and he and I came to a conclusion that the one kind I have been taking, has been doing me no good she he pre-scribed me a new kind.

I took one of the new kind last night before bed (he suggested to take both still)

I feel great this morning but I do not want to rely entirely on meds in my future.

I am making the right steps according to my therapist and just wanted to hear from others, perhaps if they are on anti-depressants also, is it possible to eventually go off the pill and still feel this good? That is my ultimate goal, im ready right now in my life to make the changes for my better.

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    Whether you remain on antidepressant therapy for life greatly depends on the cause of your depression. If it's situational, you may resolve it with a combination of short-term antidepressant use and psychological therapy. If it's due to a medical condition, managing and controlling, if not resolving, the condition may resolve the depression. If the cause is a chronic, incurable condition or due to an abnormality in brain chemistry, life-long antidepressant therapy is the most effective way along with counselling to develop coping strategies.

    In any event, when you feel ready you may request that antidepressant tapering begin at any time. In some cases, self-revelation and acquired coping skills can take the place of medication. But bear in mind that it's not shameful or a sign of weakness to rely on antidepressants for the rest of your life. It can be a wise decision.

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    I don't know you or what your history is both mentally and physically but there are alternatives out there to anti-depressants. Fish oil is actually a mood stabilizer and you can research it yourself in alternative medicine books. Also there could be a vitamin deficiency or even you might not be eating the right foods. people sometimes are not tuned into their intuition. Are you happy with the path you are following throughout this life? Do you write down how you are feeling everyday? I would keep a journal and pay attention to how I feel about everyday things. Sometimes you are sad and you just don't recognize what is causing it. Inner reflection is important. Doctors are always pushing drugs because they get perks from the drug companies so keep that in mind. Also research the drugs they are putting you on. It is your job to keep yourself safe and healthy, doctors don't make money off of healthy people.

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    I have been taking antidepresant medications for approx. 15 years and am totally thrilled that I no longer suffer from the hopelessness of depression. Early on my doctor tried to lower my dose with some dire results that wound me in the hospital for a week. I have been told that I can expect to stay on antidepressants for the rest of my life and I couldn't be happier. Please, do not try to take yourself off of the medications or listen to those who truly do not understand. If your condition is due to a chemicle imbalance in your brain you may need to remain on the medications. Your doctor will most likely lower your medication once you are stable to find out. People who suffer from depression frequently stop taking their medication because they are feeling good only to find out that it was because the medication was working.

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    If they are helping, seriously consider continuing them.

    Depression can be inherited, and things in life can happen that might call for antidepressants.

    It's nothing to be ashamed of.

    It's stick with them for now if they are helping.

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    no you don't want to start depending on anti depressants if at all possible. take only what your dr.has prescribed for you.good luck!

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