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Is there any other team in the NFL that shows all of their games locally no matter what like the Redskins?

The Washington Redskins are loved so much by their city that no matter what ever single game is shown on a local channel be it home, away, sell out, non sell out, or cable.

Next Thursday they play the Bears on the NFL Network but it will also be shown locally on UPN-20 in the DC area. How sweet is that?

Is there any other team out there with that kind of support?

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    The NFL requires any game shown on the NFL Network also be shown on LOCAL MARKET. So to that point yeah ALL will show them. As to Black-Outs I think ALL TEAMS are required by the NFL to black-out a home game that isn't a sell out, once again that would be a NFL rule and the only thing a team could do about it is buy up the last tickets.

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    If the Redskins were home and it wasn't a sell-out you would NOT get to watch it on TV (If you lived within 75 miles of the stadium) NFL blackout rules don't exclude the Redskins.

    However, all the games are sold out, so it's not an issue. Lots of other teams have that same support.

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    Just about every team I can think of carries their local teams games. I live in NJ ....and the Jets and Giants are broadcasted every week. I am a Green Bay fan though, so I rarely get to see their games on tv.

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    EVERY team in the nfl can carry the home team "no matter what" if the stadium is a sell out.

    in dallas, you can catch the game tonight on local tv..... why -- because the dallas cowboys are so beloved by their city. *roll eyes*


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    The Steelers do that too. If they didn't I'm sure there would be a riot some where in the city.

  • the browns game are on every week locally..never missed a game on t.v.

    that is unless im at the game..

    go browns

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    Go Skins!

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