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when inquires on credit report drop off or deleted will my score go up and if so how much?

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    No not really, inquiries only show for 24-months and only affect your score for 6-months.

    Source(s): Finance Manager for over 7-years / 2007 edition Consumer Action Handbook free at
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    Bank of America has a credit watch program where they'll let you use a program online to see what would happen to your score if you change things in your report.

    I used it and it seemed to me that one inquiry didn't really detract from your score all that much but three or four would knock about five to ten points off. I'd imagine once they come off, that much would get added back on. Of course you gain points from paying your bills on time so it's kinda hard to tell.

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    Yes it will go up.. If you want to find out how much I'd go to one of the major credit bureau sites (, or Some have services where if you order a credit report, you can also see what would happen to your score if you pay off accounts, bring accounts current, close accounts, etc.

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