Does anyone know how to find a great lawyer and at a reasonable price?


In North Carolina.

Has about 9 Felony's, but some of them are not even true. thats why I need a better lawyer for him. The court gave him a lawyer and he don't do nothing!

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    Try Prepaid Legal. They have excellent lawyers in all states and the monthly plans run from about $16 per month. For pre-existing situations, that qualifies you for a 25% discount on legal fees, and the attorneys guarantee that they will get back to you within 8 business hours. If your legal fees run into thousands, this discount can give you amazing savings for $16 per month.

    You can sign up here: and choose the Standard Family Plan.

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    imho, "great lawyer" and "reasonable price" can not be describing the same person or firm.

    what you do is ask everyone you know or can meet if they know anyone who can help you in your quest. You'll need to be a lot more specific -- type of legal work needed and where.

    the key to this strategy is to ask for anyone who can help you find the right type of lawyer -- if you ask directly if they know such a lawyer, you'll get an instant "no" and their brain will then turn off. What you have to do is get them to think of someone they know who is well enough connected that they might know someone who is better connected -- etc.

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    Do you know any experienced law enforcement officers in the area? Best bet is to ask a cop who THEY would choose to represent them if they got in trouble, (based on reputation and/or their personal experience testifying their cases in court)...

    Good luck!

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    In the phone book there should be a listing for your states bar association and they have a list of board certified attorneys that come highly recommended by the bar association in whatever field you need them in whether it be civil or criminal. If the attorney they recommend cannot help you then he or she will probably recommend another attorney equally useful.

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    Absolutely. I simply phone my son for help, and the charges are very reasonable. Now, to YOUR would help to know what your issue is, since there are various specialties in law.

    You might want to tell us what your issue is, so someone can make a recommendation.

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    go to the court house and get a public defender for 100 $

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What state do you live in?

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