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Ostrich MEAT, is the taste turkeyish? or more strong? or chickenish? Did you try tasteing? Fit in the oven

Would the roast of Ostrich fit in the oven?

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    It does taste like beef, but it's not greasier. The ostrich doesn't store fat inside the muscle, like cows do -- they store it outside the meat. So by the time you get it, the fat has usually been removed. Actually, ostrich meat contains between 1 - 2 grams fat, while beef is usually 17 - 18 grams of fat.

    An interesting fact: ostriches don't have white meat; it's all dark stuff.

    And yes, an ostrich roast (usually from the thigh) will easily fit in an oven.

    Source(s): I've eaten alot of weird stuff in my life.
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    I have had it. It is reddish like beef before cooked. It is very lean, dryish tasting and I found that it needed seasoning but the texture was firm, like tender beef. I would eat it again, but it is not my first choice.

    Ours were filets so I don't know about roasts.

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    Reverend Soleil is 100% correct.

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    It tasted beefy

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    I've heard it's more like beef, but greasier...

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    It's divine.

    Source(s): hey, at least I'm staying with the R&S spirit.
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