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whats the diffrent form a camel spider and a tarantula i taught that it was the same spider all this time??

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    See, that's the problem with common names - they don't always mean what they seem to, and sometimes the same name is applied to different things!

    Camel Spiders (or Sun Spiders, or Wind Scorpions, or "Holy S--t! What is that thing!") are, as the previous answer said, solifugids. They're arachnids but not spiders, similarly to the way that Harvestmen (Daddy-long-legs) are arachnids but not spiders.

    Tarantulas in much of the world are mygalomorphs - generally large primitive spiders that (among other traits) have fangs that deploy forward to bite rather than side-to-side. These are the big, furry things that are often kept as pets. In Europe, though, Tarantulas are a variety of Wolf Spider, the commonly-seen wandering hunter that many people associate with the word 'spider' - smaller, browner and less 'furry', and with much smaller fangs that open side-to-side like all the other 'modern' spiders..

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    nope, and camel spiders arent technically spiders at all. they're solifugae...but like spiders they belong to the family Arachnida

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